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Things I like: Fantasy books (Robin Hobb and George Martin). My favorite books of all time are The Host by Stephenie Meyer, A Song of Ice and Fire - series by G.R.R. Martin and the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb. I've read those like twenty times.
Anime/manga. My favorites are Naruto, Fruits Basket, Wolf's Rain (anime), Code Geass (anime) and InuYasha.  

Wolves fascinated me. They are mysterious and wild and I absolutely love them!
I'm addicted to writing. I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember. I never leave the house without pen and paper XD.

I'm into archery and not ashamed to say I'm good at it and I ride.

New story  posted: A collab with Amaterasu. A cross-over between Crow's Feathers and Beauty is the Beast. Taryn meets Hisayo. We hope you enjoy our work. All drawings are made by Amaterasu.

Ongoing works:
Clash of the Brats - a collab with Amaterasu. 
Crow's Feathers
Silver Lining
Book of one shots
Return to Sender

Please check out Amaterasu's DA profile She makes all the artwork for Clash

Finished works:
Railway Rats
The lights across the street
November Writing Challenge
Wolf Dreams


Clash of the brats a collab with Amaterasu

Clash of the brats a collab with Amaterasu

11 parts / 87 pages, updated Jul 28, 2014G
This is a collab story between Amaterasu and me, combining our two stories Crow's Feathers and Beauty is the Beast. Both are set in the Naruto ... read more
523 reads votes 37 comments 39


Poetry #454 / Non-Fiction #642
23 parts / 2 pages, updated Jul 27, 2014G
A collection of my poems. They're about anything really.
3,032 reads votes 159 comments 211


Historical Fiction #130
7 parts / 15 pages, updated Jul 25, 2014PG
If you had to choose between love and duty, what would you do? Vara is a lucky girl. Adopted into the king’s household and companion to the prince, people have almost forgotten she... read more
603 reads votes 37 comments 33
Silver Lining

Silver Lining

56 parts / 109 pages, updated Jul 18, 2014PG
Somewhere in the future, Earth has been taken over by so called 'Souls'. Creatures that take over a human body, wiping out that human's mind. Their purpose? Creating a peacef... read more
27,497 reads votes 687 comments 440
Crow's feathers

Crow's feathers

93 parts / 347 pages, updated Jul 04, 2014PG
After years of banishment the fourth Suna sibling returns. But why now of all times and what is her connection with Konoha? It is said she was involved with a certain cri... read more
289,616 reads votes 2,682 comments 957


27 parts / 71 pages, updated Jun 19, 2014G
Due to a traumatic event in the past, Milena has lost the ability to speak. With her family of travelers she follows the Long Road. They stake their wagons for a short period of ... read more
66,701 reads votes 2,069 comments 426
Return to Sender - A compilation of Letters

Return to Sender - A compilation of Letters

16 parts / 4 pages, updated Feb 26, 2014G
This is a little side project I'm doing. All letters are fictional, I just get crazy ideas sometimes. I hope you like it.
1,628 reads votes 45 comments 75
Book of One Shots

Book of One Shots

7 parts / 52 pages, updated Jan 16, 2014PG
1,704 reads votes 34 comments 56
November Writing Challenge

November Writing Challenge

31 parts / 14 pages, updated Dec 01, 2013GCompleted
This book is part of the November Writing Challenge. I will write something for one challenge every day during the month of November. "November comes And... read more
1,072 reads votes 59 comments 116


42 parts / 158 pages, updated Dec 23, 2011PGCompleted
What happens if a former Volturi guard member shows up in town? And what connection does she have with one of the Cullens? How will the Quileute react when they find out?
151,034 reads votes 961 comments 130
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