Status: A New book coming up! ;) its got an awesome twist. ;) (1 year ago)


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Hello there! My name is Kathleen and I love to read! (More than writing lol)
I'm here on WattPad because we can all make a book with a new twist or a classic twist. I always thought about making my own and finally did!

Love Isn't Simple, My Dear by Kathleen Andrade[ Insert copyright statement ]
Too lazy, lol.
Okay so I looooooove blue and turqouise. Pink lovers, I hope you step on a Lego. Yeah I'm evil
It for now. I'm really tired and will. Not. Write. Any. More


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Oh gosh...this sure is a cliffhanger!
Mr. Popular and I

My fave Bible verse is... Hebrews 4:12: the Bible is stronger than any two-edged sword...
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