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Cheesy teen rom coms
Ed Sheeran
Shipping fictional people
Spies, especially Zach Goode and Jason Bourne
Jane Austen 
Luke Hemmings
Medieval-age men who always look dirty and sexy at the same time

  My name is Emily. I'm 19. College takes up an overwhelmingly large amount of my time. I drink hot liquids from a Marauder's Map mug and fangirl over 18th century novels. I own two guitars but have no idea how to play them. I spend too much time thinking about things that won't happen and I think I've finally convinced myself that I like me just the way I am- crazy awkard and contradictorary. I quote movies way too much in my jokes and write because I have too many thoughts in my head. I'm a perfectionist that struggles to please herself. I've been picked on for being freakishly good at school and I have an obscure desire to be a hipster. 
This is my second life. 

Music: Ed Sheeran, You Me At Six, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Cab, One Direction, Taylor Swift, The Summer Set, Fall Out Boy, Demi Lovato, Allstar Weekend, Linkin Park, Marianas Trench, basically pop punk

 TWITTER: acrazybookworm

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Everything Ed Sheeran sings
Agony- Into the Woods
Memory- Sugarcult

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The Ugly Club (On Hold)

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Description: "This is the real and true account of the spring of my junior year. I won't lie to you. I won't try to sway your opinion too much. It's my job to be objective. I just figured someone should know how TUC actually started. Try not to hate us too much...

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What Happens Then?

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thatcrazybookworm commented on I Write Romances, Not Live Them - Chapter 15

Woah there. Calm down. 
I actually addressed this part of the story just a few comments down, I'm not sure if you noticed that or not. Just keep in mind that I wrote this story years ago and it has been on the site for years. Things change over time. 
I imagine Addy would be a feminist because she would be treated differently as a woman in the book industry (as many women authors are). But I can't see her being aggressive about it.
Wattpad is displaying that I have 2,000 followers! I am completely blown away by that number. I never even thought I could ever get that many. Right now I'm trying to picture 2,000 people standing in front of me, all fans, and I just can't wrap my head around that. Thank you all so much :)
love you,
thatcrazybookworm commented on I Write Romances, Not Live Them - Chapter 15

He rose immediately from the seat and went to pay the bill, unlike most girls I didn't object. Girls always say how they feel so guilty when a guy pays for their meal, I don't. Back when Elliot had f...
Yes. And I wrote this before I joined tumblr and learned what feminism actually is. But Addy is hinting more towards being treated like someone special to a person, more than just an equal. It's complicated. But you are right.