ғavorιтe тнιngѕ:
cнeeѕey тeen мovιes
ed ѕнeeran'ѕ everyтнιng
ѕнιppιng ғιcтιonal people
ѕpιeѕ, eѕpecιally zacнary goode and jaѕon вoυrne
jane aυѕтen 
lυĸe нeммιngѕ 

мy naмe ιѕ eмιly, ι'м a 19 year old gιrl.  ι drιnĸ нoт cнocolaтe ғroм a нarry poттer мυg and ғangιrl over 18тн cenтυry novelѕ. ι own a gυιтar вυт нave no ιdea нow тo play ιт. ι ѕpend тoo мυcн тιмe тнιnĸιng aвoυт тнιngѕ тнaт won'т нappen and ι тнιnĸ ι've ғιnally convιnced мyѕelғ тнaт ι lιĸe мe jυѕт тнe way ι aм- crazy weιrd and conтradιcтorary. ι qυoтe мovιeѕ way тoo мυcн ιn мy joĸeѕ and wrιтe вecaυѕe ι нave тoo мany тнoυgнтѕ ιn мy нead.  ι'м a perғecтιonιѕт тнaт ѕтrυggleѕ тo pleaѕe нerѕelғ. ι'м pιcĸed on ғor вeιng ғreaĸιѕнly good aт ѕcнool and ι нave an oвѕcυre deѕιre тo вe a нιpѕтer. тнιѕ ιѕ мy ѕecond lιғe. 

мυѕιc: ed ѕнeeran, тнe caв, yoυ мe aт ѕιх, 5 ѕecondѕ oғ ѕυммer, one dιrecтιon, тнe ѕυммer ѕeт, мegan & lιz,  ғall oυт вoy, deмι lovaтo, allѕтar weeĸend, lιnĸιn parĸ,  мarιanaѕ тrencн 
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Blank Space- TSwizzle
Where do Broken Hearts Go?- One Direction
If You Don't Know- 5SOS
Chocolate- The 1975

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The Ugly Club

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Description: "This is the real and true account of the spring of my junior year. I won't lie to you. I won't try to sway your opinion too much. It's my job to be objective. I just figured someone should know how TUC actually started. Try not to hate us too much...

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thatcrazybookworm commented on I Write Romances, Not Live Them - Chapter 1

“I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that didn’t care much about what people thought of them, but I just don’t think I am.” - Harry Styles
@JenCutTheCrap Definition of credible:(via dictionary.com)

1.capable of being believed; believable: a credible statement.
2.worthy of belief or confidence; trustworthy

Video of Harry saying the above quote: http://youtu.be/8O-s49muafc?t=2m57s

So yes, the quote is credible (that's a fact) and you should shove your personal opinions about him to the side and accept that. 

Maybe your comment alone was harmless, but I have had do defend the SIMPLE decision to quote Harry Styles more than I've ever had to respond to anything. I'm sick and tired of it. Because I know and you know that if I changed the source to a random name, there wouldn't be a single bad comment about it. 
You are completely contradicting yourself. "My opinion should not affect you" and "take different opinions in" are two completely contrasting statements. You can't be rude to me and tell me to brush it off at the same time that you tell me I need to be more accepting of your criticism. You can't have it both ways. And in the end, it's my decision what I get mad enough about to respond to and mine alone. 
Trust me, I've taken in plenty of criticism over the years. I've been stripped of my dignity and pushed aside. I've received worse and not had the guts to respond. I'm done with that. I will defend myself as much as I like, and here's the funny thing: you can't do anything about it.
thatcrazybookworm commented on The Ugly Club - NaNoWriMo

The problem with this story is that everything ties in and I'm scared of posting and then needing to change something from an early chapter to fit the ending better. I'm in college and dead week is coming up, I'm over my head with projects already. But I may be able to publish the first chapter or so, if you really really want me to.