Herro! ;3 My name is Angel ('tenshi' means angel if you were wondering...)

- In a group of friends, there are always a person who likes shipping. Yeah... That me... really...
- Gender Doesn't Matter -- Your lover doesn't have to be the one you marry, but your best friend. ;3 ((Yaoi, who cares if someone judges you for reading it!! Apparently, your guy friends... Especially if you ship them... *coughs* Matthew + Marcus = Marcew/Marew *coughs* ))
- Minecraft and Maplestory
- Ramen noodles o3o
- *coughs* Julie #Merome an #MinecraftShippings *coughs* It's not weird.

AND NO, I'M NOT SICK. Thanks for asking ;)
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tenshi's Diary -- 2014

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Description: Love_Over_Hate, please do not read this. DON'T BARGE IN MY REAL LIFE, FAMILY IS DIFF.

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