Herro! ;3 My name is Angel ('tenshi' means angel if you were wondering...)

- Minecraft and Maplestory
- Ramen noodles o3o
- *coughs* Julie #Merome an #MinecraftShippings *coughs* It's not weird. AND NO, I'M NOT SICK. Thanks for asking ;)
- Wattpad ins't my #1 priority. Please take a note of that, since I'm only in middle school. It's not like when I get older, I'll have more time. No, I'm only looking forward to my future by not paying attention to the Internet as much. Sorry, but just saying. :)
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tenshi's Diary -- 2014

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Description: Love_Over_Hate, please do not read this. DON'T BARGE IN MY REAL LIFE, FAMILY IS DIFF.

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Love Game [Short and sad story]

Love Game [Short and sad story]

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tenshi's Diary -- 2013

tenshi's Diary -- 2013

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This is a REAL. I repeat. REAL diary of my life. I hope you guys enjoy these, LOVE_OVER_HATE, YOU MAY NO...


Message Part 2/2
      You have us in suspense that could lead us to think of the next thing that will happen, boosting our creativity as well. Don't think lowly of yourself. I know you love us, we, or I, love you too. Even though I don't know who you are exactly, or you don't even know me, I know just enough that you are one special person, who should go out to the world, who are not waiting for you to update, but waiting for you to explore. Thanks for your time to read this long, long message, but I hope you take it to consideration. 
      Bye for now, with much love, and 'Until next time', @tenshichan // Angel
      P.S. I'm furry :3 (I don't shave most of my body...yet. Hey, I'm young, don't push it. ;D)

Message Part 1/2
      Oh my gosh I'm so sorry for your loss. ;-; I don't mind that you're absent (in fact, I haven't updated my other account for months now...^^;) I will never be mad at you :) You have other important things in life besides Wattpad. Are you earning money from Wattpad? Will not updating affect your future? Is satisfying other's entertainment better than satisfying your needs? No, no, and no. You don't have to waste your time rewriting this or the first book, I think it's wonderful you have the ideas and creativity to start and book and even having a sequeal, that's pretty far. Don't think that's not enough, you have the right to stop. Don't you DARE feel like s*** (avoiding from the violation code) for forgetting us. We're not the ones you're going to pay attention to when you get older, more mature. (sadly, no more fangirling...) You don't even have to fire the person who reminds you, s/he has other things to pay attention to and worry about, right? I don't need updates anymore if you like. You'll have one less thing to worry about, and having the guilt of not updating will affect how you think. Don't make guilt do that, always stay strong, and move on. Just say to yourself, "People who read my story doesn't control my life. I do!" Yes, I'm still reading, I love the #Merome but I can't always read it right when you update. I'm pretty sure all the other readers are like that too. If they're constantly waiting for an update 24/7, F them for they have no life and they should worry about something else more important (just saying). I'm not saying your works aren't important, but priorities are priorities. Your mom, or people who reads your books on the Internet who doesn't even know you, or you don't even know them? Your life, or our entertainment? You make the choice. Don't take this the completely wrong way to give up all your creativity for good, but when you have the time, you have the time. 'Until next time' could be years, I don't care!