Name Alex Dale
Location England somewhere
Birthday Jul 10
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write moooooooore nd i luuuuv this lol
The Transient Wife

wicked story luv it 2 bits but 1 question u no when their 2gether makin luv u dont mention condom or tablets so aint she supposed 2 b pregnant...
The Transient Wife

loooooov it i no crazy right lol :D want 2 no more about the other msfits lives and parents lol not that im asking just a sujjestion (dont no...
The Misfit Seven

team gaaaaaaaarrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeetttttttttt im weired lol loooov da story by da way big fan lol love ya Alex Peace All (lol):D
WAIT! He's real?! [Availab...

yay yay yay happy ending lol can u guys read my story it would mean a lot lol (I Found My Vampire In England...WTF!?!!) PEACE And u have a...
The Misfit Seven