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Hello everyone. Not much to tell about myself really. I'm a small town gal with three lovely daughters. My hobbies include cooking, photo-manipulation,( I do my own Cover art hope you like it!) writing, Gaming ( yes i love a good game of D&D) and of course daydreaming. I have only been writing now for less then a year and am in much need of input to help me expand and improve my new found love of story telling. So please feel free to let me know what you think( Creative Criticisms please)and I hope you enjoy my short fantasy's and other longer stories. I love to hear feedback as it helps me to grow as a writer.
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What The Fear Hides? (On Hold xx)

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oh....i found a free program that does some good grammar and punctuation checking its called Ginger if your interested let me know and I'll send...
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i love a cliff hanger! I don't find the story moving to fast, i like the way the two main characters are building their relationship, slowly...
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Loving the connection between the two here, have a feeling i wanna shot the dad though:)
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oh those poor girls... i hope Alexis finds happiness...let e know when you have the next chapter up please:)
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