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16 Year-old author, reader,  writer and model. I play volleyball and run track. Try out my stories, you may like them, you never know.


Let your hair down

Let your hair down

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Jul 20, 2013PG-13
51 reads votes 0 comments 0
Fallen - Book 1

Fallen - Book 1

7 parts / 8 pages, updated Jun 27, 2013PG-13
Book 1 of the Fallen Angel Series When Grace has a strange dream a few months before her eighteenth birthday, she begins to question herself, what she is, and where she com... read more
167 reads votes 5 comments 0
One shots

One shots

4 parts / 7 pages, updated Jun 26, 2013
105 reads votes 0 comments 0
All That I Am

All That I Am

9 parts / 14 pages, updated Dec 16, 2012PG-13
My name is Adella. Today I'm moving to London with my closest cousin, Louis Tomlinson. My parents haven't really been the best ever since my sister died. It was four years ... read more
1,195 reads votes 15 comments 11
We've Got A Bit of Love/Hate (Formerly Known as Falling Head Over Sneakers)

We've Got A Bit of Love/Hate (Formerly Known as Falling Head Over Sneakers)

21 parts / 36 pages, updated Aug 05, 2012PG-13
Tayler Moore is a normal, well if you consider an awkwardly built 6'0 tall blonde with blue eyes a normal girl. Tyler is still trying to f... read more
9,361 reads votes 46 comments 11
The Circle

The Circle

12 parts / 14 pages, updated Jul 30, 2012PG-13Video
Kat is a pure one. She has one eye of pure gold, and one the color of blood red. She is a pure one. Pure ones are half demon, half angel and are created to defeat Orionos, the e... read more
998 reads votes 11 comments 17
Words on Fire

Words on Fire

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Jul 29, 2012VideoPictures
Ainslie is newly an adult at the age of eighteen when her parents kick her out of the house. With the large amount of money she gets from her awesome job as an assistant to ... read more
71 reads votes 0 comments 0


2 parts / 3 pages, updated Mar 25, 2012PG-13
A young girl who has been saving money up for years, decides to go on the cruise of a lifetime. Join her in her adventures. Stranded on an island with the one she loves.
66 reads votes 2 comments 1
The London Eye

The London Eye

3 parts / 4 pages, updated Jan 06, 2012PG-13Pictures
144 reads votes 1 comments 2
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