Once upon a time
My sis told me about this site
I came on it
And found it alight
So many books graced my eyes
And yet so many times I had to try
They were so good
I had to indulge
Until I came upon them
Wonderful persons
Who greeted me
Their names Frazzer, 
 And Callidora33
I stumbled on
Until I met
Great authors
Who’d win any bet
Walterklimczac, Farien and Wolfiegirl333
The tale still goes 
As I stumble on
To where who knows
The journey’s end………..
 Thanks to everyone who commented, followed and voted for me. You all deserve a big treat.
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I love to draw, read, listen to music, create stuff, write ofcourse, cook, nature and who knows what else I’ll encounter.
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heyy ohh im.loving this story so far it's got the action ,the edge,the scandal it's got awesome style. The writing style you put to it completely captioned my attention,wonderfully written .I can't wait to read on it's soo good oh and Thank you for the dedication you're so kind thank you*-*
Hey everyone sorry for coming up so late however i come bearing good news .....ready.... there will be an update on AHBM soon so be on the lookout k