Just a small town girl living in a lonely world... :) Realizing that common sense is now a college course and to get top marks you have to have a sense of humor. Also common sense was built into my parent's generation, half way built into my generation and chucked out the window for the next generation. so glad that we have to put "Do not try this at home" and "Any recreations of the stunts seen in this film can and will lead to criminal charges for reckless driving and endangerment to society. The stunts seen in this film were done by professionals in a controlled environment. Do not try this at home."
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for just finding g out he is going to be a dad... jc took it well. He could have gotten drunk, smoked some weed and THEN went to talk to paisley.  He should have thought about her feelings and beliefs before mentioning abortion. He should have asked what she wanted to do, keep it or give it up or... but like most men, he thought with his other brain and about himself instead of how to rectify the situation. Or he was thinking that he didn't want to be that dead beat dad and that bringing a child into his life right now would not be good for the child. But, we won't know until the next chapter. Can't wait. :)