Just a small town girl living in a lonely world... :) Realizing that common sense is now a college course and to get top marks you have to have a sense of humor. Also common sense was built into my parent's generation, half way built into my generation and chucked out the window for the next generation. so glad that we have to put "Do not try this at home" and "Any recreations of the stunts seen in this film can and will lead to criminal charges for reckless driving and endangerment to society. The stunts seen in this film were done by professionals in a controlled environment. Do not try this at home."
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tapingal180 commented on Whoa Baby - Chapter 27- No Right

as much as I want to bash Paisley, I have seen both sides of those scenarios. The one with the mom being a single mom and telling the child that dad walked out, 14 years later the dad tried to build a relationship with the child. the mom and dad stayed together and then down the road the hurt is brought back up in an argument, the child over hears it, lashes out at BOTH parents and they all go to counseling. Then there is the one in a million case where mom and dad got back together and everything is hunky dory. Those two finally talking this out now is a huge step in the right direction in building a solid relationship