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Hey everyone... My name is Talia and I'm new at Wattpad.. I just started reading stories,and books.. You naughty ladies on here got me started to read more.. I love to read, injoy the outdoors and meet new people... Can't wait to see what all you writers have in store and thank you so much post and let us read ur Creations..

My steamy Reading.. MANY THANKS TO THE WRITERS..

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The Fighter (A Foundation Novel, Book Two)Versus the World (competed. Slowly editing)

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I hope that's it's not the last time for them to see her.. Can't wait to see what happens next..
Inked Tattoos

Lol Oooh she good.. Can't wait to see what happens next and what the physical therapist says about that.. lol Boooo ya nothing like a girls charm...

there a twist I know it.. It's coming.. lol there's hope if humans can't feel the spark.. I wonder what's Chris's pov.... please continue love...
Best Friends and Mates

Oooh I definitely didn't see a problem with this chapter... Fanning self... That men never seems to take away our imagination to a whole new level lol
In Real Life

lmao people of the panties I love it.. Can't wait to read more
In Real Life