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there is two of us 
to help you with who has written who i will write sweet on my books and oreos on the other books
we are quite new to wattpad so tell us what you like to read
since you clicked let me explain :)

check out our books, titanic ,my teenage pregnancy , taken love, the dating play and by the park gates 

we both love writing and your feedback is really imprtant to us
if you have any suggestions of what type of storys to write just inbox us

i am sorry if we have any mistakes in our books but to be honest i'm not fussed if ive missed out some capital letters :) just saying

and you have to check out eflagella ,little girl blue and knights rachel, secretcrush2010 and renesmee09
their book are absolutly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please check them out ;D

This is a little bit about sweetoreo girl 1 
i'm just a little bit obsessed with the film titanic :) 
when i say a little i mean , COMPLETLY OBSESSED , MY FAVOURITE FILM AND IF U DONT LIKE IT THEN well thats ur opinion so i cant really argue with that
i loooooooooooove leonardo dicaprio and NO HE IS NOT GAY KELSEYWELSEY check out him shirtless at 17 CLASS :P
i love the key of awesome :P they are the best youtube people , check out their new song what makes you beautiful ,lol its class

and a lil bit about sweetoreo girl 2 :
Heya this is now Sweetoreo girl 2 :)
heres abit bout me:
I really love dancing and ice-skating
Ummm Well, I am in the process of writing To little to late mate, running and growing and Direction dorm room! they are not that good but oh well
I am always up for feeeeeddddbbaccckkkkk Hahha
Chantaye xox

Thanks y'all :) please feedback Is Our G.O.D!!!!

SweetOreos XXXX


To Little To Late... Mate

To Little To Late... Mate

4 parts / 5 pages, updated Jul 05, 2013PG-13
377 reads votes 8 comments 2
Direction Dorm Room

Direction Dorm Room

6 parts / 10 pages, updated Jul 05, 2013PG-13
I burst into my dorm, slamming the door. I reached for the switch and flicked it on; there in front of me were 5 guys......Oh Shit. Cavana, Iezabella, Hadley, Freya, S... read more
866 reads votes 13 comments 3
my teenage pregnancy

my teenage pregnancy

13 parts / 13 pages, updated Apr 28, 2013Pictures
meet nadine. she is just an average 15 year old girl. with the perfect boyfriend and a great figure. but what happens when one drunken night turns into one drunken mistake
3,467 reads votes 30 comments 25


27 parts / 28 pages, updated Jun 22, 2012Completed
christy is a 16 year old girl who loves exploring. when her mother decides to take the titanic christy knows she will have the time of her life. when she meets a second class boy ... read more
53,249 reads votes 819 comments 161
Running And Growing

Running And Growing

4 parts / 5 pages, updated Jun 19, 2012PG-13
I had to keep running. I didn't have a choice. I had to. I was running for my freedom and my dignity. Meet Carli Stryder. She has been in the fostering program for 7 ... read more
203 reads votes 10 comments 20
taken love

taken love

3 parts / 2 pages, updated May 03, 2012PG-13
alana absolutly hates her sisters boyfriend. he lazy. he a prat he hates her get the picture? when her best friend lola tell her that they are going to austrailia for 2 weeks her life starts to change
85 reads votes 3 comments 4

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Thank-you! It means alot! hahah yeah, Sophia is the sweet and caring smart one! So do you think my story is worth an update?
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