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Name Jerine :)
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                                                           I'M EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My awesome friends here whom I love so much!
 @Sarcasm_  -she's my INSANE buddy here.Has a very good sense of humor BUT always drive me mad with her sudden disappearance awhile ago .*glare* Anyway,she's talented,AWESOME(as she call herself.You don't believe her do you?HAHA.) :D Go fan her.NOW!
 @sammy999  -she's a PRO-Stevie Thorn fan.No scratch that.She's more like,a stalker?HAHA.. whatever you call her addiction about the ever childish Stevie.She's cool in many ways you least expected from her.xD Check out her work! You wont be wasting time promise.:D

And of course,my helluva best friends in real life!
 @ash_05  -You'll go mad when you get to meet her believe me:D as always,she's naturally nice to all people (don't worry,she's kidding).She's like a ghost really.*sniff* Has so many accounts I don't even know the other.:| hard headed but go drooling over Chace and Enrique.Her latest 'boyfriend' :O
 @littledevil1219  -she's the same , no big change.Still a 'freak' as she is before.One good improvement though,she'smore beautiful now.:D
 @Xxaddict_girlxX  -and of course,the girl who surprisingly has her monthlys every day!xD I won't dare forget to mention her,she'll go vamp on me one day if I did! *shudder*

and last but not the least,I forgot to include her in my last bio but now,yeah.I've wasted enough energy and effort to not forget her.
 @anneshe  - she's the ONLY sane one in our group.:D a goody goody BUT has terrible insane neurons inside her.*snicker*

Anyhoo!!! That's it! Thanks for reading this anyway.Effort much appreciated!

Lots of sweets!  <3
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