"There is no such thing as coincidence. There is only inevitability.."

me? Obviously, I like to write....and read. I am an obsessive-compulsive book reader (and collector). I'm here to start my career as a writer, if possible. Since, well, I have always dreamed of publishing my own story someday. I hope you guys will like them and your comments are very much welcome. =)

I'm a Psychology student and is dreaming of becoming a Speech Pathologist someday. I like to travel though it can be weird since I'm actually a room-buddy kind of person.. But I'd really like to see the world.. I'm a dreamer.. Really.. I spend most of my time day-dreaming.. XD

And I'm a Filipino! =)

I hope I can make all of you smile with my stories! <3

Dream high everyone!
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Letters from J

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Description: Megan Fields is uptight and has no time for boys. She's boring and plain and hates parties. And did I mention she has no time for boys? But that is all about to change when a strange love letter is left on her locker one day from the mysterious J. T...

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Little Bird with Broken Wing

Little Bird with Broken Wing

1.5K 53 14

A poem I wrote for myself and for you guys who may feel the same. :)

I wish all guys were like my Best friend!

I wish all guys were like my Best friend!

1.2M 13.4K 2.9K

"Best friends don't date their best friends!" Tasha Olivier has always been left by all the guys she ha...

My Seatmate

My Seatmate

4.6K 74 24

Just a simple love story that I will be writing through a poem.. =))

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You have to fucking update Letters to J!!!! I normally don't curse but I need this. I love this book and I can't stand it's not finished so PRETTY PLEASE UPDATE THE DAMN BOOK. Again sorry but I love the book
REALLY !!!!! why did the chapter just have to end like like on letters fromnJ ??? its really good but I really really wasn't the next chapter. im sorry for nagging. but pleeeaassse update.
Please please please update letters from J.  I love that book and I hate waiting months on end just for another chapter, only to wait for more months for another.
   P.S.-I'm not whining, do not judge my needs
wwefan1 posted a message to sweet_nightmare92
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I'm a new fan of your work and I was reading some the comments you got on The J story!  Apparently you don't update for months at a time, people don't understand that your story was good and it that shit didn't happen magically over night! One good chapter might take you a good couple of months! People don't understand that when you write your ideas change ever time you re read the paragraph
And if it doesn't well that means you're truly not a writer
Only true writers would understand the meaning of that
And I think you know what I mea
I am at author on the bigger website does not for amateur writers it's for fanfiction's but it's bigger it's  more well known it's higher-rated audience and very popular and people hate that I don't update every day and some people hate when you do update every day 
You honestly never one
Keep writing and don't give up don't listen or no ones opinion about how long it takes you to write a chapter you could be going through something that no one else can know people going keep struggling keep writing 

Look at JK rolling for example I honestly can say I never read Harry Potter and I never watch the movies but she is the best example of Author that started off like this
Actually she started below us

Keep going girl or boy  I'm rooting for you

I'll be looking out for that update to