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I'm finally uploading stories onto Wattpad after being a member for years now! I am currently only working on two stories: 
Robot Love - futuristic/robot/sci-fi/romance! :)
Cowboy Wastelands - Historical Fiction/Romance

Give me your feedback and tell me what you think!  

I plan to upload as frequently as I can. I edit each chapter before and after I upload it so hopefully you don't have to worry about any grammitcal errors or stuff like that! 

I also have other ideas in my head but those will come later :) 

Anyways, about me. 

I'm Canadian for one. EH-OH-CAN-A-DA

I love to read and it usually comes before doing other, more important things no matter how hard I try to put whatever book I'm reading down. I like reading short stories better than novels because of their quirky endings and sharp characters. I also like pieces of flash fiction. 



Robot Love

Robot Love

19 parts / 52 pages, updated May 06, 2014PG-13
Sophie Johnson lives in a world where half of it is submerged by the ocean. Before she was born the world changed drastically, and now science overpowers all else. It's now a w... read more
14,644 reads votes 576 comments 119
Cowboy Wastelands

Cowboy Wastelands

5 parts / 14 pages, updated Nov 19, 2013PG-13
Charlotte was raised by her father who always planned to marry her off to a rich man. When he goes too far one night she runs away by stealing a horse outside of a saloo... read more
5,786 reads votes 180 comments 30
Rejection, Acception

Rejection, Acception

17 parts / 28 pages, updated Dec 09, 2012PG-13Completed
Katie couldn't wait for the day when she finally would find her mate. The day she comes of age, she finally does meet him but everything she wished for goes horribly a... read more
41,783 reads votes 689 comments 58
FavouritesWerewolvesVampiresR.L.RParanormal/Sci-Fi/FantasyRated RHistorical Fiction

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it's kind of a mix of a both advanced society in terms of the technology they created (mainly robots and the nutrient pills) but yet they took a...
Robot Love

That was how I pictured him when I began to write the story, and it fits with how this "society" makes their robots. If you read a little further...
Robot Love

@COOKIE2MONSTER Thank you so much! I went off the radar with Robot Love for a bit, but now that summer is almost here I should be updating...
Robot Love

@cajpenguina Unfortunately there is only one question I can answer without spoiling anything :( The reason they killed Gringer was to break down...
Robot Love

@LMKate11 Thanks! It took me three days to decide what name I wanted for Charlotte's character xP
Cowboy Wastelands