Whaddup people?
Here's a little something about the ever-crazy, ever awesomic, you guessed it, ME!

Occupation: googling, flirting , oh and blinking?

* My  favourites would be Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake... did i mention chocolate? so,yeah! Basically anything CHOCOLATE! ;D
* I am a HUGE movie buff (and by huge, i mean a lets-watch-all-the-darn-movies-in-the-world-today HUGE! )
* I love to read (obviously!)
* I, sometimes, like to watch football (by that, i mean soccer!)
What? footballers are HOT!
* I love to hang out with my friends (Duh! who doesnt?) and i like to go dancing!
* I dont have any siblings or a pet.

If you want me to read your work, just post on my wall and i'll drop by your page as soon as i can! :)

Keep writting because someone, somewhere is reading your creation! way to bond, eh? ;)
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summerstellson commented on Sugar Smiles - Author's Note

Hey, I  love ALL your books. I know you might be feeling a little let down by your fans right now. But we're sorry. Don't let it affect your writing. We live you, your writing, James and Skylar! So write when you feel better about the story and not because you have to. Just know that I'll always read it, no matter what. :*