Whaddup people?
      Here's a little something about the ever-crazy, ever awesomic, you guessed it, ME!
      Occupation: googling, flirting , oh and blinking?
      * My  favourites would be Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake... did i mention chocolate? so,yeah! Basically anything CHOCOLATE! ;D
      * I am a HUGE movie buff (and by huge, i mean a lets-watch-all-the-darn-movies-in-the-world-today HUGE! )
      * I love to read (obviously!)
      * I, sometimes, like to watch football (by that, i mean soccer!)
      What? footballers are HOT!
      * I love to hang out with my friends (Duh! who doesnt?) and i like to go dancing!
      * I dont have any siblings or a pet.
      If you want me to read your work, just post on my wall and i'll drop by your page as soon as i can! :)
      Keep writting because someone, somewhere is reading your creation! way to bond, eh? ;)
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    lost in the stories
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