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Name: Summer Chamberlain 
Age: Sorry cant tell you.. you might to an official stalker 
Location: Great Britain or THE UK 
Ive got a twin and sister

People love to judge.. They judge you on your personality, your looks and who you are around. Not the greatest thing when you probably have the worst looks, your personality isn't great and the people you hang around with are complete weirdo's but you love them also. 

^^ This is me. The person who gets judged because of who I am before anyone gets to know you. 

I have a twin. 
Everyone wishes to have a twin but honestly no. No twin.. Nada. When you're a twin you're automatically compared to each other and lets just say she doesn't like that.

Anyway about me....

My goal for here is to just have people enjoy my stories so if you do don't forget to comment on them ;) 

People need to see that everyone has a life so yes my updates are extremely slow but they come and go when they do and yes the story will be finished when its finished so don't constantly ask when updates happen because well they wont happen if you constantly ask :D 

So go ahead.. judge me for just writing this all in my 'ABOUT ME' box and yeah I don't really care. Talk all you like behind my back.. most of my so called friend do.

I know im not pretty no need to constantly tell me Im not I don't really care though. whats inside matters. 

You can get hold of me on:

Kik: summer_jay  

facebook.. District 3 fan account:
                 One direction fan account: summerchamberlain <<< ask away look who cares 

^^^ I will pretty much respond on all of therse so go ahead no I don't have tumblr or twitter because tumblr I honestly haven't a clue how people work it these days.. oops 

That's me hope you have enjoyed reading about my so why don't you go take a look at my fanfics. Follow vote and comment 

Mwahhh Summer <3


Short One shots of your choice (Welcome Everybody)

Short One shots of your choice (Welcome Everybody)

9 parts / 9 pages, updated Jul 15, 2013G
Just inbox me a few things Your Name: .... Who you want it to be with(it doesnt have to be a member of one direction):.... A particul... read more
545 reads votes 10 comments 20
Everything Changes When I'm With you

Everything Changes When I'm With you

58 parts / 119 pages, updated Jun 21, 2013PG-13
Summer, Maddi, Sian, Charlotte and Louisa are just normal girls enjoying their lives in a normal way, that is untill the girls get invited to a party... read more
32,020 reads votes 200 comments 185
Finding you

Finding you

20 parts / 40 pages, updated Apr 04, 2013PG-13
After Emma and her family had a serious accident and Emma lost not one but both of her parent Emma was forced to either go live with another family member or be put into care.... read more
8,527 reads votes 125 comments 107
Its my life

Its my life

4 parts / 3 pages, updated Nov 25, 2012G
77 reads votes 0 comments 0
Don't Forget (A one direction fanfic) ON HOLD

Don't Forget (A one direction fanfic) ON HOLD

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Aug 26, 2012
darcy has been friends with harry liam zayn niall and louis since they were little. After her 16 birthday they tell her they are leaving in t... read more
179 reads votes 4 comments 8
Dreams do come true: One direction Fanfic

Dreams do come true: One direction Fanfic

9 pages, updated Jan 24, 2012
114 reads votes 1 comments 0
One direction Fanfic

One direction Fanfic

7 pages, updated Jan 19, 2012
121 reads votes 0 comments 0
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@JumpLikeNiall99 SOrry just read your message I agree the TMH tour was absolutely amazing! thank you very much and more is on its way xx
Everything Changes When I'm...

@DaOneAndOnlyEmoPanda thank you very much... I have 3 left only 3 so hopefully the updates will start within the next 3 weeks. @lmc2889 updates...
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@MeganTelford Its okay... sorry ive just ready your message. Its fine and thank you :)
Short One shots of your cho...

@indefinitedreamer ah im so sorry i have only just seen your comment. But thank you for the comment it really means a lot to me :D
Short One shots of your cho...