I'm very passionate about reading and writing, I may not be the best, but I love it. Dancing is a huge passion of mine. I also love Panda's and Pineapple's. I'm very random at times, well most of the time, and I love to act different and do crazy things, So if you don't like that, well I honestly don't give a crap! :) Also, if you follow me, I'll follow you back!
      You say Edward Cullen, I say Harry Potter.
      You say red and black, I say red and gold.
      You say Forks, I say Hogwarts.
      You say Edward and Bella, I say Harry and Hermione.
      You say Jacob Black, I say Sirius Black.
      You say Volturi, I say Death Eaters.
      You say, “Go to Hell.” I say, “Go kiss a Dementor.”
      You say football, I say Quidditch.
      You say “Twilight is better than Harry Potter.” I say “You must not tell lies.”
      You say childhood, I say Harry Potter.
      You say depression, I say, “The dementors must be near. Here, have some chocolate.”
      You say Hitler, I say Voldemort.
      You say school, I say Hogwarts.
      You say, “I’m going to kill you!” I yell, “Avada Kedavra!"
      You say life, I say Harry Potter♥
      Put this on your profile if you love Harry Potter! (I love Twilight, so don't misunderstand that)
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His daughter? (A Harry Potter love story)

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Description: What if Remus Lupin had a daughter? Read as Esmeralda Adelaide Lupin goes through her years at Hogwarts with the golden trio.