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Hi! My Name is Stephanie.. I'm a Vegitarian. I LOVE photography.. & Food. Lol. I'm Trying My Best to Upload a story on here but you know how it is. But Yeah. My Favorite story That I've Read are.. Lay me down. & The Best Thing For me. You HAVE to read it. But anyways. Thanks for taking your time to read this.. Well this is an awkward.. Ending Lol. Okay.. Um. Oh! & My Favorte color, & band is purple & One Direction. So yeah..

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I was also wondering if you're ever goin to put up a picture of jason. I have been wondering how he looks like.
The Best Thing For Me.

Best. Chapter. Ever. I couldn't wait for you to upload. I was like biting my nails. When Emma Confronted Mark. It was the best so far. I...
The Best Thing For Me.

Pleaseee Update More Often Please!
The Best Thing For Me.

Im so sorry.. But Im glad she's back on her feet :)
Cassidy's Story: A True Story

I've read this whole thing in like 3 days Lol. Its just sosososo Addicting. Lol I have noo life (;
The Best Thing For Me.