i am smart, funny, crazy 'bout reading, and i like to write short stories. <3<3
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stardust500 commented on A Thug's Beast - A.T.B 11

“You’ll know when I tell you.” he stated walking away and joining the guys as they were calmer than before. I walked back inside the school and walked around listening to J.Cole’s new album as I wait...
my BAEEEEE!!!! the album its too turnt .... No Role Modelz n Wet Dreamz
stardust500 commented on Taking Whats His - Chapter Two.

We would never truly be free. We would have to constantly look over our shoulders to make sure he wasn't there; we would have to watch what we said always in case one of his many 'friends' was around...
this reminds me so much of " Enough" starring J- Lo