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I have discovered that I have a love for writing fanfics even though I'm not a fan HAHA.
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Choosing Between Two

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Description: Kadija isn't sure what to expect when her childhood best friend, Louis Tomlinson finally flies in to see her-- especially when the four other members of One Direction and Eleanor Calder tags along. Awkward? Just slightly. Crazy? Definitely.

standingonghosts commented on Better Than Revenge - Chapter Nineteen

“But that was true!” I groaned in frustration. “And being known as a womanizer is heavenly compared to being known as some whore with herpes! People are going to start comparing me to Ke$ha! So...
Haha maybe it's because girls don't need to put other girls in order to lift themselves up? Ke$ha is an awesome human being. Why must people put others down?
standingonghosts commented on Better Than Revenge - Chapter Fifteen

“Christian, are you going somewhere with your girlfriend?” a strange looking Asian woman asked. 
Guys, let's get something straight. The reason why this is racist is not because the word "Asian" was used. It was racist because let's face it, the phrase 'strange looking white woman' sounds weird. It's fine by society's standards if a person is defined by their ethnicity, so long they are not white.
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                “Ali, I know your kind playing hard to get, worried I will think you’re a hoe or something. But I won’t.   There is nothing wrong with sleeping together on the...
He's right. There isn't anything wrong with sleeping with someone on the first date. But there is something wrong with dragging your date into the middle of nowhere when he/she is unwilling, and attempting to rape him/her.