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I'm dyslexic :( but so was Einstein so its not so bad.

 I like reading but I'd go out on a limb and say most people on this site do :).

 I like to think I'm much funnier than I am.

 I read about vampires, werewolfs and other magical thingys but really I just like reading the far fetched and unrealitic love stories I no in real live they'd never stay together or make it though everything, it just makes me feel all happy and butterflyish inside. I may like reading books like that but in real life I am quiet pessimistic ( or at least thats what other people think Im really just a realist) :D.

I also read comic books. I love me some spiderman. Bet u couldn't guess from the profile picture :P.

 I also loooooove putting emotions after things ^_^.

X Pleeeeaaaase don't get mad at me if I spell things wrong, im really bad at spelling X


What lies a head...

What lies a head...

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In a world where turning 17 means being castout from everything you know in to the cold daunting future that you have no control over, where free will is but a far away dream and family is unheard of, one boy choices to not let his life be ruled.
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@tiffanieh Thank for telling me what u think and thanks for telling me about the intro i'm soooo bad at writting them sorry
What lies a head...

This is really good :D i love the story but just the way u write is really great it just flows so well. ^_^
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