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Name well my nicknames english but its a loooong story
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Hi!!!!!!!! im E*** and im to quote all of my friends 'totally off my rocker, a sarcastie filterless bitch and in the best way possible' so heres a little about me for all my soon to be stalkers.... 

I <3 kickboxing and (duh) reading. 

 I'm a big bit goth. 

I hate make up.

I'm a totally sarcastic bitch but its better to be infamous at school that totally invisible in my opinion

 I stick out in a crowd and I'm proud of it!!! 

I LOVE music and my iPod is my bestest friend (don't tell my other friends)

 i'm a total punk  rock chick

my favourite food is sherry trifle and chocolate and crisps (preferably tai sweet chilli sensations) well I have a lot of fav foods and my mum I an AWSOME cook so that doesn't help....

 Hmmm indesisive lil me!!!! I also couldn't pick my fav book to save my life!!!!! ;D 
 I love a book that has thrills, a mouthy, funny girl as the main charecter  and some form of magic. If it is doom gloom abuse (with the exeption of onmyown13) count me out. Any good sugestions???!?!

Oh and for anybody whos looking it, my instagram is:
and my is:


Things I Don't Get

Things I Don't Get

11 parts / 2 pages, updated Aug 23, 2013PG-13
the name says it all. if you are looking for a laugh or something that you can read and think "me too!" then you've come to the right place!!!! ;)
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Grey at Hogwarts; Secon' YearDrop Dead Beautiful(UNFINISHED. Not gonna finish it either)

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lol conner maynard!!! wait you might not know who that is... he's this famous english singer :)
Drop Dead Beautiful(UNFINIS...

this is hilarious!!!!!! if u need insperation, check out jenna marbles on youtube!!!!! ;-)

Omg u ROCK!!!!! Ur like my all time FAV author!!!!!! More more MORE!!!!!! ;D
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