«הכל נראה יפה בעברית»

        Hi. My name is Sophie, 
        and I really like italian food, boys,
        clothes, Hebrew,  collaging, Teen
        Wolf, Idina  Menzel, and my face.
        Cher Horowitz is my spirit animal.
        And sometimes I write.

writing philosophie: 
you have to know the rules 
before you can break them

        ❝What you must  understand
        about me is that I’m a deeply
        unhappy person.❞
        -Alaska Young

tumblr: http://i-mnotthatgirl.tumblr.com/  
ask.fm: http://ask.fm/sophsunflower12

*note: i'm in israel for a while atm, so sorry if i don't respond to you immediately and stuff
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sophieanna commented on Teal

We are all human, and I think that that's something a lot of people forgot during the events that transpired this summer. As for blaming me, you couldn't really do that even if you wanted to, cuz I'm American, so technically I had no part in what occurred. The Iron Dome is actually a source of defense for Israel. When a missile gets fired at a populated area, Israel sends a missile to negate Hamas's missile. I think that coexistence is the ideal, but unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world right now. As I said before, I'm American, I just happen to be a Zionist studying in Israel right now, and thank you :)