«הכל נראה יפה בעברית»

        Hi. My name is Sophie, 
        and I really like italian food, boys,
        clothes, Hebrew, collaging, Teen
        Wolf, Idina Menzel, and my face.
        Cher Horowitz is my spirit animal.
        And sometimes I write.

writing philosophie: 
you have to know the rules 
before you can break them

        ❝What you must  understand
        about me is that I’m a deeply
        unhappy person.❞
        -Alaska Young

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Description: just another fragmented love story.

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troublemakerin posted a message to sophieanna
So far, i read two of your books. Just gonna say: I really love your style of writing, your choice of words and the way your characters talk. And the fact that you don't write such cliche stories about the good girl falling for the bad boy/movie star/playboy etc.  Awesome!
sophieanna commented on I stand with Israel!

No. I'm sorry, I really hate starting conflict on the internet, but I saw your comment and it's my civil duty to refute you. While the author of this "story" (it's really just an uninformed argument about why Israel is infallible) may have made many baseless claims, your claims are also as equally baseless. So I'll ask you - which "country" was first on the map? Israel, not Palestine. There is so much proof of Israel's existence throughout the ages, coming from physical artifacts like shards of pottery and Solomonic gates, commissioned by King Solomon himself, which can still be found in Israel today. On Masada, there's an ancient mikveh (a ceremonial pool used for religious practices), showing how the Jewish people were, in fact, in Israel first. They've been exiled quite a few times, but they keep coming back because of the ties they have to the land. Now, if the Palestinians have these ties to the land, I'd love to know, because as far as I know, before the British stepped in, Palestine wasn't an established place, but rather a collection of nomadic Arab tribes.
Now, Israel did not force everyone out of their homes. Yes some people were forcibly removed, though a lot of the Arabs left by choice because they had the means and desire to do so, and because the Arab leadership at the time was persuading them to through propaganda.
I don't even want to get into the Hamas thing, but Hamas is not a group of civilians. They are terrorists. In their founding doctrine, it states that they want to annihilate Israel. They aren't trying to protect the people of Gaza. That isn't in their interest.
Israel does NOT target civilians. In fact, they make a point of trying their hardest to avoid doing so, which Hamas exploits greatly. 
And yeah, you're right, it is funny how the media can influence people. I'm assuming you got all of your facts from the liberal media. Maybe read some non-biased history some time from a place other than the internet. You could learn a lot.
sophieanna commented on Teal

I was actually just there for the very end, arriving, like, a week before the ceasefire was finalized.