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I am in love with books like literally. I like to write but am not to good  Just more practice. so here is a bit about me.

1. Apparently to my friends I am the brave one of the group.
2. If you can make me laugh then you are included to be my friend.( even if thats on here)
3. I am in love. ( With so many book characters.) haha
4. I love to sing and have a good time.
5. As long as I'm happy I don't care if I make a fool of myself.
6. I believe in God and go to church.
7. I hate being compared to my siblings. Point and blank.
8. I believe that everyone deserves a seond chance.
9. British guys are hot. To me any ways.
10. When I grow up I want to have something to do with music, books, or be a family counselor.
11. You can tell me anything and I will do the best I can to give you good advice on how to handle it or I'll just listen to you and help you threw it.
12. My friends to laugh at my pain. Not bad pain but you no that "Ow I stubbed my toe." kind of way.
14. I love sports to death!!!!! They will probably be the death of me.

Well any way here are some of my favorite books:  
The Mortal Instruments. (You got to love Jayce. )
The Vampire Academy series
My Unfair Godmother

Here is some Wattpad books you should read:
Did just one direction drive me out of the road?
Do You Love ME ... Do You Love Me Not?

 I would love to read any of your books just send me a message or write on my post thingy. I love to sing always have and always will. Maybe one day you might just here me on the radio???? I wish . But a girl can dream right. Ha ha. Well I better stop here because I'm almost out of those number things at the bottom of this. \

Well that's me. I hope I didn't bore you. Man I love Wattpad. Just so cool. Anyway let me stop being a geek. OH and I LOVE YOU CALLIE ,ALEXIS, and JORDAN. Yea they my friends. 

well loves yall
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