Welcome to Rachel-World where behind every door is a shocking surprise.... MWAHAHAHA
Anyways,I'm just a simple girl in a simple world...and yes I'm aware that those are song lyrics
Aliens should have citizenship...it's not their fault that they got kicked off of Mars :/
I'm sadly still in High School and PE is currently my worst enemy. Weightlifting stinks ):
I love all versions of rock
I play the flute and I know some cold play songs on le piano
I have a habit of adding spanish words randomly in my sentences. Darn you Spanish class! DARN YOU! I can be pretty random,and I'm oblivious to half the things going on around
I love photography,it 'tis awesome
Math rocks... yeah you heard me right!  I'M A NERD AND I'M PROUD OF IT <-Almost had a Spongebob moment ;) I'm an avid reader, and sometimes that means I don't go to sleep on a school night
Naked and Famous is an awesome band
Snow Patrol is my favorite band as of right now
Junk food is my one and only love...I LOVE YOU ICE CREAM!
I have a kitty.. he's fat.. and he likes to sleep :3
I'm obsessed with this symbol :3
I try to thank all my fans.. and yes I do read your "about me".. feel creepered on... feel very creepered on ;)
Just kidding!  Sorta...(;
Uh, I'm very easy to talk to... I think?  So if you wanna feel free to chat with me!
I admit it, I cried when Heath Ledger died... LOVE YOU HEATH!
I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber and 1D, they just annoy me to no end
Pintrest is ahmazing. I could marry it
Don't be afraid to tell me to upload a story
I love me some Dr. Pepper
I want to live in Ireland
I love to help people
I'm naturally pale..what can I say the sun hates me!
Sometimes I read cliche romances just to laugh at the one sided charcters
I'm listening to Ball Park Music right now (it's a band by the way)
Well, I'm almost out of charcters, so thank you for stopping by.It twas lovely to see you again. Feel free to check out my stories on the way out! Have a wonderfully, wonderful day
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    With Snow Patrol & Linkin Park waiting for the Black Keys :3
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Description: Elsa is like any other seventeen year old going into their senior year. She gets up every morning for school, she has a sweet tooth, and she'd rather puke than do homework. Well, she's completely normal if you don't count that she has cancer. Wit...

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Hey there loyal followers!
So you know how I was talking about how I might start writing again?  Well, I probably won't.  I sort of doubt I'll write much at all for a long time.  I feel like I need to give you guys an explanation.  So here's a small sob story for you all who are still reading this and didn't just skip over it in their emails.  So life isn't fair... we all know that stupid line.  And it isn't.  I know a lot of 18 year olds will say this, but because of my life I've had to mature quickly.  This past year and a half I've gone through things I hope no one else has had to.  This past November, I lost a very important man.  Although I've had a friend and even a grandfather that passed (I was about one), his passing marked something entirely different in my life.  This July, one of the most important woman in my life also passed away. I contemplated going on hiatus for a bit but decided a few weeks later it wasn't worth it. Then I found just yesterday that my grandfather has pancreatic cancer.  He's 80.  I just can't handle knowing I'm keeping you guys on hold here, while I know I probably wont be able to handle writing again.I won't delete my profile. Maybe I'll even feel like writing again during Christmas Break. Who knows.  If I do write anything, it would just be a bit of an autobiography one a completely new profile.  It would help me a lot to write down my thoughts, but I doubt I'll post them on here.  I'm not much of an attention seeker. Anyways, this is my official declaration of hiatus and an apology to all of you guys. I just can't handle the stress of writing, university, family, and my own feelings.  Something has to go, and I sort of need a college degree unless someone is going to publish my books for me haha.
I'll keep an eye out for any PM still.  Although I'm not writing anymore, I'm still going to be on wattpad reading.
Thank you guys for the wonderful five years of writing of me writing for you.
Okay, well that's the end of this message.
1. Summer college classes finished (check)
2. Back from camp (check)
3. Have my own laptop (check)
4. Finished a story by the end of the summer... not check
So, my goal is to have at least one of my stories finished that I've started on, and I want to get you, the fans, involved.  Pick a story you'd like to see finished by the end of the summer and post it on my wall or inbox it to me.  The one with the most votes will win!  
Ready.  Set. Go.