For the record, I hate "About Me" boxes.

Ok, first off...


Old movies. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Sweet November, My Fair Lady, etc,..
Young adult novels. Dr. pepper. The color gray. Alternative music. Corrupting my great-nephew (Get that frown off your face, I'm still in my 20s. I'm the fun aunt and understand his mischievous nature).  Dogs. Exchanging witty banter (without the unnecessary 'lol'. It's supposed to be funny, why ruin it?). Dancing. Martial arts movies, old and new. Making up songs to annoy my husband. My husband. Paul Walker (the husband understands if ever Paul and I meet, our marriage will be nothing but a memory). Winter & Fall. Weird accessories. Traveling. People who are self-taught wildlife experts (C'mon, a self-taught bear expert, how can that not end badly!). Rain. Awesome spills. Being crafty. Being daring. 


Whiny people. The color pink. Werewolf, vampire, zombie, ghost novels. Some days my Droid 2 phone. Bad acting (Bokeem Woodbine, Michael Rapaport, Dean Cain... that means you). Sci-fi channel. Domestic cats. Text talk (there's a time and a place people). Ungrateful people. Heavy metal music. Summer. Snakes. Most of my neighbors. Cleaning. Exercising (but I love the results). Being broke. Sunday television because there's never anything interesting on! Unwanted attention.


Tom Cruise. The 'p' in pneumonia. Necrophilia. How did the prince come to the conclusion that he should kiss Sleeping Beauty in the middle of a forest. Why Bugs Bunny was quick to dress in drag. The incest stories on this site. How the kitchen gets dirty the second after I've cleaned it.

Alright, that's enough About Me. 

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