Hey guys, I'm Nina. :D
      I'm a child at heart, with more than enough imagination to go around. If there isn't a new storyline running through my head, I'm either asleep or dead. Literally. They're constant.
      A few books are still my inspiration, and one of the reasons I write; Peter Pan, Thirteen Reasons Why, and anything by Stephen King, to name a few. I've no clue what to tell you, so I'll just say some things that I love. Yeah?
      I'm in love with so many things, and so many ideas, and very few of them are related.
      Anyway, I love horror movies, urban legends, Peter Pan, photography, wolves, reading, and, obviously, writing.
      I like coffee shops. Especially on rainy days, when you get the table by the window and you just drink your flavored latte and think.
      Or bus rides home in the rain, when you sit looking at the sky with your music on full blast, and think.
      Just thinking.
      I'd rather have someone call me than text, or have someone take me to a coffee shop over he beach.
      Some nights, I sit up in the early hours of the morning and listen to thunderstorms. They're pretty.
      I love photography, half to death and back.
      I leave my window unlocked because I like to believe that Peter Pan is real.
      Little Red Riding Hood is my favorite fairytale idea. Just the concept. I think it started my obsession with werewolves.
      My goal when I started writing was to make people feel something. To have them see the world I created. To taste it. And most of all, to feel something for it. Love or hate, it doesn't matter to me. I just want it to make you feel.
      So thanks for reading this, Aand you're amazing :) Never change who you are, and never give up on your Never Never Land.
      Love you all, sunshines :)
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    In The Clouds <3
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smileyfaceXD commented on Not One of Them. - Chapter Seventeen.

Awe, don't you just love Olive? I know I do! LOL. This chapter absolutely kills me; I crack myself up.
I actually agree with you completely, now. I wrote this story when I was 12/13 - I think! - and I based her off of a best friend I have :) Basing a young adult woman off of a twelve year old that was admittedly over the top, even for a teenager, was not the best writing choice I ever made. I wanted her to be comic relief, and I definitely took it to an extreme! My apologies on behalf of the character and myself. :) I'm thinking of rewriting this story, and she's definitely one of the first things I'd completely overhaul.