Hello, and welcome to my life tour. 

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Hello again :D. There isn't much to know about me, really. You could say I'm one of the most loneliest person in the world. Hah. I don't really mind it though, cause then I'll have less drama for me to deal with. I rather being by myself most of the time but I still do cherish the times I have with my friends. If I had to choose between dresses and skirts or a pair of nice, comfortable pants, I would choose the pants. I don't know why, but I have a weird thing of not being so fond of dresses. Like literally every party you would always see me wearing shorts or jeans while every girl in my family would wear dresses or skirts. So that's basically the reason why I don't really get compliments from my aunts or uncles. Sad.
My most favorite thing is skateboarding. I can't really do tricks on it cause I suck or maybe it's simply because there's no suitable place for me to learn. There are literally no flat roads. Hmph.
I love the art of graffiti. I've just started so I don't really know much about it. I'm still learning how to tag and all that so if there's any graffiti artist out there who is reading this, please don't say anything hateful.
Whenever I'm out shopping for clothes, you'll see me in the boys section. Like for example, I would buy guys hoodie and guys graphic tees but never those tops where it lays just above your tummy and you would wear singlets below it or anything girly. No offense though, I just like being.. me?
By now you may or may not think I'm a tomboy but I'm not. I love my long hair and I don't totally dress like a boy. Like I wear girls shorts instead of boys one. So to sum it up, I have a boyish side of me and a girly side of me. Like 50% 50%.

I mentioned it before that I'd rather be by myself but I would love to make new friends.

Friends like you, whoever may be reading this. :)

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