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Name Sam :)
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I read books :) they are my life!!!! I am a book FrEaK :D 
I love Harry Potter :) DIE HARD HARRY POTTER FAN!!! I'm secretly married to Ron <3 hes my babe.
I LOVE DANIEL RADCLIFFE <3 (even though hes gay, but I love him even more now) 
I am also married to Viatcheslav Voynov <3
I love traveling! I go everywhere :)
I'm reading the Harry Potter series again! I got the books for my bday! :D 
The bestest friend of Jack! He is the best guy ever!!! :D

-I am OBSESSED with hockey ~ Luv the L.A Kings!!! 
-I have 2 sisters. :P They cray cray
-My sister thinks that I can transform into a teddy bear and suck peoples blood... 
-Band geek! GO CLARINET! :) 
-I HATE Spell check... 
-I hate pink, 1D and baboons, their butts are weird...
-I'm weird
-I'm sarcastic
-Don't make me jump threw the screen and attack u
-I is 15 :)
-I have a sister who could dance herself to the moon
-Dont judge people!.... Unless... ;) 
-I'm gonna go sneak up on my sister
-I scared her so she threw the piece of gum she was chewing at me! EWWW
-Monkeys scare me
-I have aracnophobia
-My friend thinks I was brought to this world by a magical toad that bestowed the gift of pervertedness on me
-I cant spell, I entered a spelling bee in 5th grade, they asked me to spell "Kindergarten" I still can't spell it right (I used spell check, hee hee) 
-I have a major sweet tooth! 
-I tried flying once, I died
-I'm always listening to music! I love:
The Script/Snow Partrol/Westlife/Ed Sheeran/Shinedown/Gavin DeGraw/Hoobastank! The list could go on so much longer!
-I love red heads, how could u not!?
-Gotta love Jack because hes AWESOME! & my Best Friend!
-*Witty Quote's Best Friend*
-Love Maria! Cuz shes THE BEST <3
- <3 All my band geek friends. GO BAND!
-Stuck with depression

Lol a gal with a guy best friend! (GO JACK!) What! Some people tell me I'm CrAzY (I am) But I luv him! xD
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