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My feature for this week :

"My Blue Haven - A Small Town Serial"


'He moved, and her eyes slid down the length of his arm. She watched his hand come toward her and when his fingers touched, an electric spark leapt between them.

"Remember how it used to be? Remember the first time we were together?" He said.

How could she not? Jane thought. In everything about him memories hung and swirled like smoke. In the smell of his hair, in the heat of his fingertips, in the hard muscle she could feel in his chest when her hand rose to press against him.

He moved closer, his breath hot against her throat, his lips forming words in the hollow beneath her jaw.

"I think of you every day, Janey." His mouth moved to her ear lobe and a small sigh slipped from her lips.

"Every day," he murmured.
It was becoming hard for her to breathe.'

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@OwainGlyn, @seasofme, @JustlikeheavwenDanni - I can't get over this Williams thing the last 24 hours. Danny William (MoonRiver) & Andy Wiliams & now Esther Williams. 
      Shout-out, if another Williams come up the next few days, haha: ) 
      Danni, share one of the clips with these two?? : )))) Good night guys - much love,  MWAH!