It's a big, wide, wonderful world and how wonderful to have a place like Wattpad  to share our words and literary wares!

I'm proud of my bookcovers, which I went w/o for so long. Thank you to @palpita, @wigsout and especially @JosefShannon w/o  whose help they wouldn't be there.

Available on Amazon, but the lovely @lwallacekurtz, has given you a taste here, of 2: The Priest And the Werewolf ...and Within Werewolves. Superb writer @jjwest - has an incredible new story, called Apache Break-out.  You're going to love the grizzled character, Sam. Enjoy: ) And a wonderful read, "The Wake," (the hardcopy yea!) by @ColmHerron,  is now available on Amazon. I just ordered mine! : ) Here's the link:  http://www.amazon.com/The-Wake-What-Jeremiah-Next/dp/1495299732 
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Passing Strange

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Description: A collection of poetry dealing with love -all it's stages. I hope you discover something to your liking.

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Poesy - Poems, some that are deeply romantic, some are a little sexy, too. : )

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Acrostic Soulmates

Acrostic Soulmates

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Spiritual poetry about the soul, and the search for it's mate.

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Excepting five or six, all of these haiku are about lips and kissing. Some Haiku for you, lips & a f...

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Green Green World

Green Green World

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These are poems about the green things I love: trees, lakes, rivers, meadows, oceans, and the like - th...

@OwainGlyn, Jax - allow me to weigh in. There is so much science has not learned that more than a few of us suspect, (or even know). 
One- there really isn't any such thing as brain - dead; given time &  decent conditions - everything heals itself. We seem not willing in most cases to do that. Plus, all knowledge (& capability of the brain lies also in the brain stem). Comes to that, likely in the organs and cells but that would take much longer to learn to translate to 'consciousness.' 
Not so with the brain stem, I think. We already know just a few 'stem cells' can replicate any organ where they are place - the brain is after all, an organ.
But the main thing, the most glaring truth is: nature (or God), would not leave it's creation with out a backup, or spare. 
A mechanic or even royalty knows that much : )