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My feature for this week : 
"Guns Are For Show, " 
the sequel to : 'The Brooklyn Branglers.'


Uh, huh.” Ethel said unconvincingly, staring at the Captain’s pants.
“I mean - my Morty had a rod,” she continued, "but it wasn’t anywhere near as big as yours.” 
She couldn’t take her eyes off of his pistol.
Trying to re-focus the lady's attention: “May I offer you a libation, Ethel,” he said, “while we wait for your lovely daughters?”
“Never said if you was married, Captain Lewis.”
“My dear wife ran off with our accountant. Imagine, after seventeen years of wedded bliss.”
 The Captain was nervously going through his bottom desk drawer. 
“Always keep a little something in the desk for emergencies.”
“Children, Lewis?”
“Just Oscar - she put him in military school. They never got along.”
“How many bullets can you shoot from that gun, Captain?”
Ethel got up from her chair, approaching the desk; not once had her eyes left the Captain’s pants.

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Guns Are For Show

Guns Are For Show

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sloanranger commented on Haiku - Cabernet

@JJWest since we Wp gals can't be there right now- how about you get a hot water bottle  and a puppy or a kitty - or both - they'll play with one another and sit on your chest & warm it : ))
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@The8thPhoenix - haha Santa could not ever be on the naughty list- 
Oops, wait a sec- I may have to eat my words.  I think I wrote a longer poem in the Group called Holidays about Santa letting me down. I can't recall the title but there aren't very many poems in the group :)