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Prologue - Chapter 4: 

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Description: “This didn’t happen. This was all a dream.” Kamila is a victim to her own mind. After the sudden death of her mother, she finds her world turned completely upside down and filled with the dark shadows of her own sub-conscious. As a last resor...

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“Mortality is the disease, and I’m the cure.” Rowan Platts is an aspiring Animal Behaviorist, w...

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Oh me, I'm not doing anything. Just writing almost kisses with bloody vampires. You?

"His eyes burned with something unrecognizable as he put a bloodied hand over her mouth to quiet her. When she silenced, the hand slide away to her throat, gripping, leaving behind a trail of red that she could taste on her teeth. 
He tsked again as he looked at her, like a thought he had was disappointing. “I wish you had taken my offer that day, Rowan. You look so much more appropriate in red.” His grip on her neck loosened, but Rowan still found it hard to breath.
Her heart was beating so hard that she was sure he felt it through her skin. It could have been just her own skull shaking from the pounding blood, but the blacks of his seemed like they were pulsing wider and wider with each rib shattering slam of her heart. He wasn’t looking at her throat or the veins in her collarbone or even the blood that he had swiped across her face though. 
His eyes were trained on her lips, his thumb sliding slick over her jaw, painting her skin with blood, and when she opened her mouth to let out a shaken breath with his name on it, he inhaled sharp, as if she had stabbed him.."
I'm hoping that November is going to end well for me. What about you guys?

-“Why do you keep coming back?” His question was prickly, his defenses still shelled around him like a thick wall. 
“If I don’t, who will?” 
He looked away from her, a defeated chuckle. “Stupid mouse.”
Rowan couldn’t help the smile that twitched at the corner of her mouth, because something about the way he had said those words sounded distinctly more endearing than usual.-
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Btw I'm gonna buy this book if it's published ! I even think at some point it's gonna be filmed. And my gut feeling is most of the time correct ;)
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You've done a pretty damn well job then because I now officially can't whait anymore. Who can after this amazing prologue?... Pulsr is really one of the stories I would defenitelly pick up in a store. The different approach of this subject is very refreshing and the  research you have done for it shows your dedication ! This books sucks you right into the story and makes you never want to leave anymore. So far I have read it twice when you were still buzy writing it in the beginning and I still recommend it to anyone I can ! Thank you for this amazingly superb story !!! 


Everyone who's tired of cheesy cliché vampire shit ! ;)
Been working tonight - 

“Why would I want to be human? To have a normal life? Why would I want to be a disgusting, feeble, selfish creature, spending my time clinging to life and battling my fragility just to die alone, scared, and pathetic? I have not been human for a very long time. I am a God compared to you. I am practically immortal.” He spit his venom like a snake and it’s toxicity spread through Rowan with the help of the waves of goosebumps assaulting her skin. Paralyzed by the neurotoxin of his words, she could do nothing but stand and stare in awe of his furor. It was surprising though, that the behavior that managed to scare her again was actually his most human.
He managed a grip around his emotions and pulled them back. A thought he had must have been momentarily comforting, because the corner of his mouth twisted up before speaking again. “No, I’m not the sick one. Mortality is the disease. And I’m the cure.”
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I AM SOO EXCITED FOR PULSE TO BE PUBLISHED!! Can you tell us once it's published where you can buy it? Like is it going to be available in Amazon? This is probably a dumb question but whatever. ☺️
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cannot wait to buy pulse I really hope I can buy it in book form so I can add it to my collection but will totally buy a online version.... so excited !