Born and raised Canadian, living in Sweden
aspiring professional author 
Inkie for life <3


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[x] 200 000 (Pulse 28 - 02 - 13)


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[x] 300      (Pulse, The Followers)
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[x] 700      (Pulse)
[x]1000     (Pulse)
[x] 2000    (Pulse 15 - 1 - 13)
[x] 5000    (Pulse 20 - 2 - 13)
[x] 10 000 (Pulse 2 - 5 - 13)

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Prologue - Chapter 4: 

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Update! And a Serious Question

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Description: Just as the title says, we have some stuff to go over, guys.

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skinandbonesx commented on Update! And a Serious Question - !!!!!

Thank you!

It's not guaranteed that I'll be published yet, but believe me I'm sure the only person who is more excited than you is me, so I'm doing my best to make it happen xD If I thought I could self publish it I would have already. I've considered it, but I also think that the help of a professional publishing team is invaluable and I really want an editor and professional cover maker and all that jazz to help me make Pulse really shine. It's my baby, I feel it deserves to sparkle and I can't make it sparkle on my own.
skinandbonesx commented on Update! And a Serious Question - !!!!!

Thanks! I'm glad you think so! And yeah I totally understand and obviously I don't expect anything from anyone, but if even just like, a tenth of my followers gave one dollar each month that's already enough to help me a whole bunch. 

I always feel nervous bringing up money though, since I've been raised to feel like asking for money or bringing up money is kinda a taboo subject. Logically I feel like their's nothing wrong in asking for support from people, and there are a lot of artists and creators that I've supported in the past, but for some reason when it involves me the topic makes me nervous x.x''
I'm taking part in pitchMAS right now on twitter. If you'd like to help me get Pulse noticed, PLEASE go to my twitter at @ DanielleKoste and retweet my pitches :D
Satisfying epilogue is satisfying. 

Hope you all think so too! I can't wait to share this new draft of Pulse with you guys. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.  *fingers crossed*
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I'm in an amazing mood today! Good things are happening! 

To celebrate,  lets share. 

"She looked up through her wet lashes, his possessed, black-hole pupils sucking the air from her lungs. Now she’d done it. She had crossed the line and the animal in those eyes would kill her for it. He was going to finally make a meal of her. His hand gripped at her hair and he pulled her head back so her neck stretched long, and she gasped and shut her eyes tight. With a shaken voice, she begged, “Lyall, plea-.” 
He interrupted with his lips, crashing down on hers like a tidal wave. It tossed her upside down, her fear and anger battered and destroyed by the force of it, leaving behind a mess of shock and confusion in it’s wake. When they surfaced she could do nothing but stare, her limbs, lips, breath trembling, feeling like she’d collapse if she moved a muscle."

On that note, if you haven't already, I have a facebook page you guys can follow if you'd like. I'm also trying to use twitter more so feel free to follow me there also. DanielleKoste on both :D
Hey everyone! I'm working avidly on the editing of Pulse and I plan on querying REUTS publications by the end of December.  So far they look like a great,  small publishing house with promise and I kinda want them to pick Pulse up very badly. 

With that said, I'm here to share something else with you guys today. It's not Pulse related, but it's something I wrote a little while ago now, and I'm really proud of it and I want to guys to take a look.

It's a small piece of a larger novel I hope to work on later, once my focus is not completely on Pulse. 

Please head on over to my facebook page www.facebook.com/DanielleKoste, there will be a link there!!! Maybe like the page if you want while you're there!
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@skinandbonesx Hi. I tried to read Pulse and then came to your profile to figure out what happened. It's not obvious from here. Are you about to publish this? Anyway, I'm a Canadian married to a Swede so how's that for a coincidence. Congrats on your #NaNoWriMo win. I did NaNo this year but although I hit 50 000, I'm still writing my novel (and posting once a week on Wattpad). Let me know if Pulse comes back to Wattpad. -- Thanks