Born and raised Canadian, living in Sweden
aspiring professional author 
Inkie for life <3


G O A L S   R E A C H E D


[x] 1000      (Pulse, The Followers)
[x] 5000      (Pulse, The Followers)
[x]10 000    (Pulse, The Followers)
[x] 20 000   (Pulse)
[x] 50 000   (Pulse 19 - 01 - 13)
[x] 100 000 (Pulse 15 - 02 - 13)
[x] 200 000 (Pulse 28 - 02 - 13)


[x] 100      (Pulse, The Followers)
[x] 300      (Pulse, The Followers)
[x] 500      (Pulse, The Followers)
[x] 700      (Pulse)
[x]1000     (Pulse)
[x] 2000    (Pulse 15 - 1 - 13)
[x] 5000    (Pulse 20 - 2 - 13)
[x] 10 000 (Pulse 2 - 5 - 13)

Ranking Reached 

[x] #20 (Pulse, Vampire&Sci-fi)
[x] #10 (Pulse, Vampire&Sci-fi)
[x] # 8  (Pulse, Vampire&Sci-fi)
[x] # 6  (Pulse, Vampire&Sci-fi)
[x] # 5  (Pulse, Vampire&Sci-fi / 28 - 02 - 13)
[x] # 4  (Pulse, Vampire)
[x] # 3  (Pulse, Vampire)
[x] # 2  (Pulse, Vampire / 27 - 02 - 13)
[x] # 1  (Pulse, Vampire / 28 - 02 - 13)


P U L S E   P L A Y L I S T!

Prologue - Chapter 4: 

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Description: “This didn’t happen. This was all a dream.” Kamila is a victim to her own mind. After the sudden death of her mother, she finds her world turned completely upside down and filled with the dark shadows of her own sub-conscious. As a last resor...

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karly_solis posted a message to skinandbonesx
I AM SOO EXCITED FOR PULSE TO BE PUBLISHED!! Can you tell us once it's published where you can buy it? Like is it going to be available in Amazon? This is probably a dumb question but whatever. ☺️
cherry3593 posted a message to skinandbonesx
cannot wait to buy pulse I really hope I can buy it in book form so I can add it to my collection but will totally buy a online version.... so excited !
Good morning lovelies!

-“Was that why you made the offer then? To prove something to me about myself? That maybe I’m not so different from you?” 
Rowan heard the boy in the other room stand and approach the glass, and when she caught his ice blue gaze they were dancing with fire just in front of her. 
“Maybe I wanted to see what kind of monster lives under your skin, Rowan.” He said her name like she had never heard it before. It was as though he had awakened a darkness inside of her, branded it, and was now calling out to it. The way he said it made her old name sound like nothing but an alias.-
Guise :3

soon, soon. I'm so excited to share with you! 

Again, it's not about publication. But it's something very cool. In the next couple days hopefully :D
I have a surprise for you guys in the coming weeks. It's not about publication just yet so don't get ahead of yourselves ^^ it something I'm excited for though, and especially excited to share with you guys once I receive it. 

Keep checking in :)