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I'm Heidi, I'm definitely over 21 & I happen to love reading especially original writing. =)

I'm more into the reading part though I may create a story one day..  Who knows? In other words, I'm more of a reader than of a writer =)

What can I truly say about myself? Well, I'm complicated. Lol! Just kidding! ;o) Anyways, I'm pretty much very outgoing, friendly, loves hitting the beach & having good, quality time spent with family & friends just to name a few.. I dream of to travel around the world someday & take lots of pictures of the all the places that I've visited or will want to visit. I love to bake & hope to have my own business one day. I love reading! Reading for me is my escape from reality & it's truly relaxing. It takes you to a whole new level where your imagination takes you to a different world where you never knew existed. How I did I stumble into Wattpad? I'll elaborate on that one later on..

As for favorite authors here on Wattpad: 
 @kirsty1000 --> She was the very first one that I fanned here & definitely one of my favorite writers. You got to check out her writing. Trust me, you won't be disappointed =)
 @natashapreston --> One of my favorite writers here on Wattpad. Check her stories. It's amazing! =) 
 @imagination101 --> Another fave..  I love how she has a whole lot of twists & turns on her stories. More of expect the unexpected. Enough said. Check her out! =)
 @Sinaidkincaid16 --> I've read all her stories and all i can say is this --> You've got to check it or you're missing out big time! =)
 @VJDunraven --> I'm one of her huge fans w/ her writing. She's good with Historical fiction (one of my favorite genres) & you've got to definitely check her out! =) 
 @Tranay21 --> Amazing writing! Check her out. =)
 @Blaidmiehette --> Definitely check her work! Amazing!!! (^_^)

I'm aware that I have fanned over 100+ writers here on Wattpad. LOL! Enjoy & Happy reading! (^_^)

Laters baby! (^_~)

siobhan09 (^_^)
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