Status: Im working on Piano Man, I promise, I've just been really busy lately. It will come soon. (2 hours ago)


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                                        "loѕт вeтween elvιѕ and ѕυιcιde"

                         ғιnd мe wrιтιng тeen ғιcтιon нere: @softlysingtome
              αѕĸ мe α qυeѕтιoɴ αвoυт αɴyтнιɴɢ:
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                                       oн yea and ι love one dιrecтιon                           




Piano Man  (Sequel to Isn't She Lovely)

Piano Man (Sequel to Isn't She Lovely)

28 parts / 58 pages, updated Apr 09, 2014Pictures
After Sarah and Harry's fairytale wedding becomes a nightmare, Sarah ends up raising her two children, Robby and Darcy, by herself. Darcy not knowin... read more
64,325 reads votes 1,831 comments 645
The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

24 parts / 38 pages, updated Apr 27, 2013PGPicturesCompleted
"A butterfly flapping it's fragile wings could cause a tsunami thousands of miles away, the smallest and simplest things can change everything, it's called the b... read more
87,979 reads votes 1,643 comments 425
All I Want For Christmas is, Lou

All I Want For Christmas is, Lou

9 parts / 19 pages, updated Dec 24, 2012Completed
"What if the only thing you wanted for Christmas is something...or someone to be exact, that you could never have?" ©singtomesoftly
14,493 reads votes 366 comments 72
Isn't She Lovely

Isn't She Lovely

52 parts / 125 pages, updated Nov 06, 2012PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
He taught to her live big and more importantly dream big. She taught him to stay grounded, that the little things in life matter too. They were best friends forever, a moment can change everything though. ©singtomesoftly
2,558,713 reads votes 15,698 comments 1,977
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Thank you so much!! :)xx
Piano Man (Sequel to Isn't...

I'm working on updating soon, sorry I've just been upper busy and had a touch of writers block. Thank you for reading and commenting :)xx
Piano Man (Sequel to Isn't...

The format of the dialogue changed from the last chapters, so I would fix it so they both match, you can choose whichever one your prefer, but I...
The Host Guy ( a Harry Styl...

Good start and I like how you have created and displayed Harry. If I had to give you any suggestions I would just suggest adding a tiny bit more...
The Host Guy ( a Harry Styl...

Interesting story idea and it's nicely portrayed, I'd recommend a quick read over for small spelling errors like Litters instead of litres and...
The Host Guy ( a Harry Styl...

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