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Description: After Chloe Chambers is dumped by her long-time boyfriend Ashton, and he instantly starts flirting with other girls like everything they ever had didn’t mean a thing, she is broken. It takes everything she has to return his belongings to him and n...

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singtomesoftly commented on In the End - Chapter 3

I like where the plot is going and your dialogue always seems to flow naturally. 

If I could think of one suggestion it would be watch how fast your moving. I just felt like the scene with Lindsay already finding out that she knows Harry and than easily dropping the topic so quickly happened quite fast. I think she could have denied knowing Harry and said it was nothing or  she could have said I don't want to talk about it and Lindsay could have pressed her more. This would add more mystery/development in the characters and plots but I don't know where you're taking this quite yet so I can't really be one to say, which is why it's merely a suggestion.

Good chapter :)xx
singtomesoftly commented on In the End - Chapter 1

I think this is a good start, the dialogue is real and everything flows well. If I could offer you any suggestions it would be add a little description, it will add length while making the reader fall deeper into the story. For instance what does the University look like? Is a bunch of big old buildings, with vines growing up the side, or modern buildings newly built, and maybe her dorm has a new dry wall smell that she loves/hates. 

But aside from that one suggestion and only reading the first chapter I think you're off to a good start. :)xx