Hey! I'm working on a pretty cool comic called Hero! You should check out the story here on Wattpad, and take a look at www.adamsigrist.com for more images and information as it's made available :)

You can now buy FIRST LIGHT (The Zombie Prophecies) on Amazon :) you can find the link on my website.

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Description: Part 1: Hero Allal is a socialite from the sky. When she travels to the Surface she discovers that demons prowl the darkness, legionnaires are fighting children and the man in the middle of it all is dark, mean, and mysterious...how could she resis...

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I uploaded a new page of Hero! I also changed the page around a little to try and make it easier to read. Any feedback would be helpful as to whether this way is better or not.

Dear First Light fans, JUNE! That's when the whole story will be back online FOR FREE! I know you're all waiting (some of you patiently) but don't worry, it's coming and I'm just as excited as you are!
At long last, there is a new page of Hero! Go check it out over at www.adamsigrist.com/hero.html

Head hopping has always been my greatest weakness. In developing my novel with an excellent and talented man, he tried so so hard to get me to limit myself. He was a very strict "one POV character. Period." Kinda writer, but I felt like my story was too big for just one character to experience so I stretched myself a bit too far. Even while "trimming the fat" I'd let small instances of head-hopping slip by. Now I really wish I'd listened to me teacher and mentor because as it turned out -- he knew what he was talking about.

The moment I realized this, that the man who was spending countless long evenings trying to convince me to limit myself actually had a point, was when I was reading Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series. Oh. My. God.

Now, these books were released several decades ago -- long before Under the dome -- so he's refined his skill quite a bit but I got so mad with the head hopping sometimes I wanted to tear the pages from the book and give up. It would happen every page, paragraph, and sometimes even sentence! I'm sure he had his reasons for writing this way, but it confuses the narrative and therefore the reader as well.

Just goes to show that even in the hands of a man who can apparently "do no wrong" head hopping is a dangerous thing.

Of course, the dangerous things are always the most tantalizing, aren't they?
Allal is back! Allal is back! And it looks like she's in a recruiting mood. How long can she manage a new army while evading the legion? Check out the next chapter of Hero to find out.


And a message to any of the comic followers, there was a bit of a delay last week. Because of a faulty internet connection I was unable to post the next page, but check it out next Friday when we get back on schedule :)