Hey! I'm working on a pretty cool comic called Hero! You should check out the story here on Wattpad, and take a look at www.adamsigrist.com for more images and information as it's made available :)

You can now buy FIRST LIGHT (The Zombie Prophecies) on Amazon :) you can find the link on my website.

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((SAMPLE))The Zombie Prophecies - Part I - First Light((SAMPLE))

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Description: (((Returning June 2015!!))) Zombies, monsters, secrets and lies. All of these things hurt, and kill, indiscriminately; they find you no matter where you are and won't hesitate to make you cry, tear your heart out or eat your brains. Nobody's safe i...

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I didn't ask for any of this. I'm just a teacher's assistant. I help kids with disabilities, I teach the...

The Zombie Prophecies Short Stories

The Zombie Prophecies Short Stories

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Short stories from the universe of The Zombie Prophecies.

First Light fans! Starting next month I will be bringing the entire story back to Wattpad, one weekly update at a time.
      I also re-wrote the beginning so if you wanna start reading on week one it should all still be fresh material :)
I'm back with one more bit of info about Hero! I just uploaded the FINAL page on my website. Well, it might be the final one, that's up to you! This August we'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to finish production of the first issue, print it, and ship it out to all of you! There are awesome rewards that include PDF copies of Hero, as well as printed and signed copies. Oh right, and for all you awesome dedicated fans who want the opportunity to really get involved, our top backers will actually have characters modelled after them! That's right, you could appear as an upper level legionnaire or, even better, one of Hero's crew! So you can choose, fight the oppressive Upper Levels, or join them, it's up to you.
      Check out page 12 now, and stay tuned for Kickstarter updates!
So, I'm running a bit behind lately. I don't wanna say it's because I've been frustrated with Wattpad glitches, because it seems like quite the cliché excuse at this point. So, I just been busy!
      Here is a new chapter of Hero! Part 2 is coming to an end in a couple weeks, so don't forget to stay up to date as I'm planning Part 3 now!
You may have noticed the lack of updates for "Hero" the webcomic, and I apologize. Due to some complications, the final update will be this coming Friday but don't worry! I'll be bringing a kickstarter campaign to you this summer and you can have your chance to own a printed issue, receive a thank you in the acknowledgments section or even have one of the characters modelled after you!
      If you haven't been keeping up, check out the webcomic on my site. The page that's coming on Friday is one of my favorites, by far!
It seems like every time I try to check Wattpad my notifications aren't working and I can't load the chapters I'm trying to read. As a result, I've been a little absent.
      Here's hoping it all gets straightened out soon :)