Hi, I'm Sian. I like Spider-Man, Doctor Who and crying over fictional characters.

Currently writing: 
 - The Reflection of Piper Chastidy 
 - The Inadequate Experiments: Friction
 - The Covert Interventions: The Scientist
 - The Sinister Shadows
 - A Collection of Ruins

Currently reading: 
 - City of Masks - Mary Hoffman
 - Magician - Raymond E. Feist
 - Froi of the Exiles - Melina Marchetta
 - Pure - Julianna Baggott

Just finished reading: 
 - Karneval Vol. 12 - Touya Mikanagi
 - Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 8 - Sui Ishida
 - Attack On Titan: No Regrets - Hajime Isayama
 - Attack On Titan Vol. 13 - Hajime Isayama

I'm English but I live in Australia, either way I still spell colour and favourite and grey properly, so if you tell me I'm spelling them wrong there's a strong chance I will send an angry army of kittens after you. 

My books are really weird to be honest, I don't have a particular genre, I just write random stuff that comes to my head, but sci-fi and paranormal sort of cover my writing, I think.

I have an amazing friend and she is  @mikki97 on here. We have a collab story called A Collection of Ruins written on here and our joint account @sian-and-mik which you should check it out :)
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The Reflection of Piper Chastidy

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Description: "Fragments," I said slowly, "that's the name of the creature that killed my father?" My reflection looked me up and down, a critical look on her face as she stood lazing against the wall, her arms folded. "Yes. That's also the name of the creature...

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The Inadequate Experiments: White Noise

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The Sinister Shadows [Prequel to White Noise]

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The Covert Interventions 1: The Scientist

The Covert Interventions 1: The Scientist

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Due to the huge extent of the depression that followed the Third World War, the remaining scientists of...

Hey guys! So my end of year exams are over and I have two weeks of holidays to kill so keep an eye out for updates! I updated The Sinister Shadows the other week and A Collection of Ruins about two days ago  for fans of those :) I'm currently writing the second chapter of The Reflection of Piper Chastidy and as soon as I update that I will focus on the next chapter of Th Inadequate Experiments: Friction for all of you, sorry for the awfully long wait but thank you ever so much for your patience! :) x

@celestial-skies Oliver was the only Jackson child who was born in england, and he moved to Brooklyn when he was very young so he remembers very little of england which is why, to him, Brooklyn is his hometown, as for the other siblings (that you are yet to meet, I know, just thought I'd clear up anymore confusion) have a British accent too from being around their parents and Oliver who had British accents which influenced them to talk the same way and from a number of holidays back to england to visit family c: 
Sorry for the confusion, I'll fix this up in the edited version, thank you for your comment! x
Hey everybody! I'm so sorry for being incredibly slack with updates, but my school's musical is running this week and as assistant stage manager I have so much work to do, so I haven't had the time to write :$ sometime after Friday I should have a chapter of A Collection of Ruins or The Sinister Shadows for you ^_^