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Hey guys!! *ahem!* Shygurl here from planet earth offcourse :D..if ur one of my friends in the Philippines then you know who am I in real life outside the wattpad world.. I’m 18 years of age but people said I look like 12 years old (just because I am not in Philippines anymore, the president kicked me out xD whatta good president right?) some of the people in this place where I transferred said I look like 14 years old therefore I conclude that I look like between 12-14 years old..

I’m a trying hard writer :D it’s not really my thing but yeah I published stories just for fun but I spend more time on reading other people’s stories than updating my own stories.

Aside from reading stories here in wattpad, I’m also a music lover, I listen to different types of song, I don’t focus on just one band or one singer and that applies to both local and foreign bands/singers.

Like most of the people in wattpad I love KPOP too especially BIGBANG!! But don’t worry Top’pers, because TAEYANG is my biased (whoooaahh.. wag nio gyerahin profile ko if u love TAEYANG too..!)
I’m a short tempered person.. if you’re bitchy I can be bitchier so be careful, I am nice to those people who are nice to me.. 

despite of all the things that I mentioned above, my life is not only all about music, wattpad, and kpop.. I am also a student that supposed to be in University but still in high school level right now.. so I cant focus on those things all the time because I have schoolworks to do as well.. 

Follow me or not I dont give a damn!! but DONT U DARE POST SOMETHING ON MY MB SAYING ''IM FOLLOWING YOU,YOU FOLLOW ME BACK'' because biatch/jerk, that's not gonna happen .. follow or unfollow its ur life so do what you want..! 
feel free to leave a message! its ok my inbox/message board wont bite..

please do read ate Chaoticluna's story.. u will definitely enjoy it thank you


They're Secret Identities (ON-HOLD!!)

They're Secret Identities (ON-HOLD!!)

16 parts / 22 pages, updated Dec 01, 2012PG-13Pictures
this story is about sa 3 girls + 1, they were best friends.. they are famous.. yes!! famous cla sa mga gustong mgpabagsak at pumatay sknila, so they nee... read more
3,072 reads votes 259 comments 41
Changed Identity?? (ON-HOLD!!!)

Changed Identity?? (ON-HOLD!!!)

4 parts / 7 pages, updated Oct 23, 2012GVideo
please refer to the prologue of the story XD
402 reads votes 50 comments 14
shygurl_27's Reading Listheyaaah!!Oh sooo randooom!hot'shots!!bestiieessst!!--speechless-- c:

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this s a very good one.. im starting to love it the moment I finished reading the first part .. goodluck!
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waaaaah.. ang gnda nong line niya.. serves him right! ayan kasi.. nga pla author im not n the philippines so thank u po sa pkiusap mo n tpusin...
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wow!! Grabeee bitin nga pero worth it nman ung pghhntay! aun oh!! mgksma ung mg ama..!! ung nanay nlang ang kulang.. hihihi
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