Annyong Haseyo? Ottoshimnikka?
   ☺I'm YennahEvol. Why? My real name is Johanne Ruth L. Bacolod. My nickname is Hanney. Reverse it and the word LOVE. then, you got it!
   ☻I'm 13 years old.
   ☺mabait ako sa mga Nice sa akin
   ☻maraming dreams :D
   ☺INLOVE! saan? sa korean stories.
   ☻top 4 in second grading sa section A sa Lamao National High School, Bataan
   ☺I love my friends
   ☻I Love II-Star
   ☺I like being a highscool student
   ☻SSG second year representative
   ☺Interact President
   ☻A.B.B.M.S. > forever Barkada
   ☺Love my Bhezxie Shaina May Capistrano
   ☻being true and loyal to my friends.
   ☺moves math
   ☻loves writing tagalog essays.
   ☻craving for IPhone
   ☺wants to go to SM.
   ☻always want to have a remembrance from a friend
   ☺love to receive gifts
   ☻love to facebook
   ☺love using wattpad.
   ☻I Love My crushes.
   ☺want to help.

What things can make me happy:
   ☻the people I love
   ☺my family
   ☻being with my friends
   ☺have bonding with A.B.B.M.S. and Bhezxie
   ☻eating my favorite dishes with unlimited rice
   ☺saying I LOVE YOU to the people I love
   ☻if I have a load. XD
   ☺when I know that I'd made a thing that can one person be happy
   ☻LAST, being inlove with God and being with HIM..

What are my favorite Color:
   ☺light green
   ☺light blue

What are my favorite foods?
   ☺pancit canton
   ☻egg and hotdog
   ☻burger steak
   ☻pork steak

What are my favorite numbers?

Hope you'll believe. If you don't, who cares?

I Love You God. I Love You.

saranghamnida y'all. :)
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