Okay so its been like forever since I've updated this....
I have recently been trying to promote myself more on other sites with my stories. So far I have a Facebook and Twitter account (feel free to follow or add me as a friend, I don't bite :) ). 

So....about me...
I am an extremely quiet person in real life and was once even told that I can disappear in a crowd of 4 people. -_-. I do however enjoy being loud when its among me and my own and I typically express my words a little bit more through my stories. 
I let them do the swearing for me, lol.
I enjoy playing videogames, creating digital art, photography, Sketching, Reading, Writing, and anime. Some of my favorite anime series have been Sword Art Online, Inuyasha, Black Butler, Skip Beat, Ouran High School Host Club, D. Gray Man, among many others. 
Feel free to message me/harass me to update my stories I don't mind at all, its a good motivator for me. Then again where are death threats not a good motivator.
Anyway to finish out. Feel free to send me requests to read your works. Typically I ask you at least look at one of my works in return but its not anecessity, I love helping people new to the world of writing!


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shadowquill commented on The Black Rose - Chapter One

In the very first paragraph where you say Reagan it seems a little stark and breaks up the flow of the paragraph, if the grandmother's name doesn't carry much importance I would scrap it, it ruins the nice flow that you're establishing. You do a very good job of setting a very tense background, your word choice and casual conversation are also very good. During the scene in which the man is talking to her first. You call him Seb, earlier the character said she didn't recognize this new fellow. There should be some exposition as to who he is if you are going to include the name. "leant" should be leaned. Sorry if this comment sees a little choppy, I was adding to it as I finished each page. :) Overall, I quite liked this. There were a couple minor errors that a quick reread could easily fix. I loved the flow of this chapter it sucks in the reader "hook, line, and sinker." Very good, I am adding to my library to check out as you add to it. :)