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Okay so its been like forever since I've updated this....
I have recently been trying to promote myself more on other sites with my stories. So far I have a Facebook and Twitter account (feel free to follow or add me as a friend, I don't bite :) ). 

So....about me...
I am an extremely quiet person in real life and was once even told that I can disappear in a crowd of 4 people. -_-. I do however enjoy being loud when its among me and my own and I typically express my words a little bit more through my stories. 
I let them do the swearing for me, lol.
I enjoy playing videogames, creating digital art, photography, Sketching, Reading, Writing, and anime. Some of my favorite anime series have been Sword Art Online, Inuyasha, Black Butler, Skip Beat, Ouran High School Host Club, D. Gray Man, among many others. 
Feel free to message me/harass me to update my stories I don't mind at all, its a good motivator for me. Then again where are death threats not a good motivator.
Anyway to finish out. Feel free to send me requests to read your works. Typically I ask you at least look at one of my works in return but its not anecessity, I love helping people new to the world of writing!


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✔ Mentally dating Sesshomaru (The Fluffy is mine if we break up XD)


D. Gray Man: Where We Meet Once More

D. Gray Man: Where We Meet Once More

12 parts / 69 pages, updated May 19, 2014
Kanda is searching for someone...a special someone he defies death to find. Ellie is a young Englsih Lady surrounded by tragedy. Her Mother and Father b... read more
7,254 reads votes 215 comments 34
Feathers: Book One of The Phoenix Queen Trilogy

Feathers: Book One of The Phoenix Queen Trilogy

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Apr 30, 2014
Dear Reader. I cant really explain what's happening to me right now. Yesterday Vanessa was slapping me in the face and today I'm being foll... read more
134 reads votes 5 comments 7
Demons In Our Hearts II: Rise Of The 5th Rider

Demons In Our Hearts II: Rise Of The 5th Rider

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Apr 22, 2014PG-13
Kat and the gang are back for another adventure. Going back before Serina was born Sebastian and Kat face a terrible foe, each other! While w... read more
3,097 reads votes 148 comments 54
Stars In the Trees

Stars In the Trees

2 pages, updated Feb 28, 2014
65 reads votes 2 comments 0
Plus-Sized Fairytale: From Plus-Sized to Prom Queen

Plus-Sized Fairytale: From Plus-Sized to Prom Queen

3 parts / 6 pages, updated Apr 23, 2013
tags / drama play
368 reads votes 10 comments 0
My Poetry

My Poetry

33 parts / 5 pages, updated Mar 25, 2013G
1,416 reads votes 56 comments 38


6 parts / 18 pages, updated Feb 18, 2013
Red is born in a world of happiness and horse treats, of trotting by his mother's side and where his greatest worry is where he will play tomorrow. But, as he grows he finds life isn'... read more
662 reads votes 52 comments 44
Black Butler: Demons in our Hearts

Black Butler: Demons in our Hearts

47 parts / 109 pages, updated Jan 04, 2013PG-13PicturesCompleted
Its London and young women are disapearing off the streets, what happens when an oddball assassin is targeted for questioning by the Queen's Guard Dog, Ci... read more
313,703 reads votes 7,252 comments 1,255
Shorts/On Hold/Anything Else

Shorts/On Hold/Anything Else

13 parts / 20 pages, updated Aug 03, 2012PG-13
1,467 reads votes 40 comments 17
Emotions: Words That Arent Written (Attys Collection)

Emotions: Words That Arent Written (Attys Collection)

8 parts / 1 page, updated Aug 03, 2012
208 reads votes 8 comments 7
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For You, A Rose... With Thorns

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