2015 Profile Update, Whoop, whoop! Now what to right.....I suppose things about myself? 
I may not sound (cough, write) like it, but I am usually a pretty quiet person. Technically speaking I think I suffer from some form of social anxiety but Im not paying for a therapist to find out. I do love to chat to people on here when I can get on and I check my Mail almost once a day, so please feel free to email critique and reading requests. I like if you read my stuff but I wont push it down your throats. Id rather have an honest comment than someone who's just putting "This is good." On a story I completely hosed just to see what people would say. Anyway I like to leave good solid comments, but if you have questions or want another look afterwards please message me again. :)

More about me....hmmm....Well I do play videogames, this past year I have found (Drumroll) Skyrim! I love that and Red Dead Redemption. (I play on PS3 and have no friends on there so if you like....message me to get my PS3 User?) I also play a little bit of MW2 and MW3. Though Im not allowed to wear a mic when I play the last two. I'll leave it up to you to imagine the why. :D

More....more....well I am a anime and manga junky. Recently Ive decided to buy the books for myself, to heck with my parents who think I suffer from a severe mental problem. So far my favorite mangas are (a short list anyway) Skip Beat!, Black Butler, Sengoku Strays, 1/2 Prince, and Tiger and Bunny. My favorite anime's (another short list) Strawberry Eggs (just recently found this one <3), Inuyasha (the Sub), Sword Art Online, Bleach, and Ghost Hunt.

Finally I would like to thank you. Not just for reading this ( Im writing it on a sugar rush at 1 a.m. in the morning XD) but for taking the time to visit my page and read my works. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see the comments you guys leave for me.


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Description: A story is a beautiful thing, and sometime we, as writers, find ourselves compelled to write a certain story. These are my short stories, they may tie in with my other works but they will contain Only the workings of my mind.

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DJ_Ruth1 posted a message to shadowquill
Just wanted to say I just finished Demons In Our Hearts for the second time and it was just as good as the first! You inspired me to write my Black Butler Fanfiction. Your a great writer! Keep up the good work!