Alright hello earthlings you all can call me Carles, thats what my friends call me. My real name is Carly. 

Some things to know about me are I am crazy hyper. I am pretty much always hyper lol

I, like most teens, have a dirty mind but I prefer sexy imagination ;) 

If you ever need someone to talk to I am here for you :)

Message me, pwetty pwease with a cherry on top (gives you puppy dog eyes) 

I love making new friends. I may seem a little shy at first but usually im my crazy self 

I am 14 years young, not old. I am going to be a freshmen this year. 

I live in Tennessee but I am from Maryland. I moved to Tennessee March 2nd of 2013

I love to read and write 

Music is my life. I listen to all kinds of music

I absolutely LOVE coffee <3 if you give me coffee I will love you forever

I have a weak spot for rice crispy treats. them bitches be good XD

I cuss a lot usually 

Well thats all I can think of to put on here right now so yeah lol
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