Name's Chrissy. I'm a fan of Hetalia, Free!, SNK, the Avengers, and Haikyuu!
I'm an 18 year old who emancipated from the womb September 15, 1996
College freshman at St. Francis Xavier University, taking a double major in Psych and French!
Living in a party town (like all college towns) in Nova Scotia
I love theatre, singing, hanging out with friends and being a total dork 24/7
♦ I'm a proud pansexual
♦ I speak english and french
OTPs: USUK, AmeCan, HaruRin, MakoGou, ReiGisa, KageHina, NishiNoya, DaiSuga, stuckey
Favourite quote: 'let's make new memories, happy memories, memories that will make all the bad ones go away' -ironically enough, my ex said this 

Other stuff
Favourite singers/bands: Ellie Goulding, Marina and the Diamonds, Mayday Parade, Mumford and sons, Taylor Swift
follow me at desperatecandyhearts.tumblr.com

The name's Apryll, I'm a fan of Hetalia, Bleach, Doctor Who, Death Note, Homestuck, Black Butler, Free!, and SNK
I am 18 years old, born February 6 1996
I'm in grade 12.5
Living in a little town in N.S
I love hanging around with friends, reading, writing, acting like a complete retard on crack, and watching Let's Play videos on YT.
My favorite youtubers are:

OTPs: Not saying a thing, to many 
Favorite Quote: I have many but these are two of my top picks 'I will wait for love to fly to me and teach me how to fly.' -Tokio Hotel
'Whoever told you High School was the best time of your life lied. It gets better.' - Ms. Pothier (grade 10 English Teacher)

Other stuff
Favorite shows: Say Yes To The Dress, Four Weddings, CSI, NCIS
Favorite Radio show: The Dan and Phil show on BBC Radio 1
Tumblr (feel free to follow me at canadiansparklebutts.tumblr.com)

My alternate account with bad writing is: @VanilliaVampiris
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Description: Chrissy was thrown on a train and shipped away for the summer to deal with her depression following the Torinado. This is the result.

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