Seph. Twenty. College student.

Reader. Writer. Vidder.

Brown hair. Brown eyes. Complicated.
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Olympia High

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Description: Welcome to Olympia Academy. "Olympia Academy was the school for 'the gifted'." The school for troublesome, power-abusing misfits who fall in love at the drop of a hat. "Free will's just an illusion in this place." We hope you enjoy your stay.

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Twelve years after Emma Chase's Tangled, Mackenzie Reinhart is sixteen and reigning over St. Mary's Prep...

one million invisible lines

one million invisible lines

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maybe happy homicidal maniacs can get the girl too - a Kol/Caroline collection.

words inside my head

words inside my head

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poetry, drabbles, and sincere pieces about life - these are the words inside my head.

How to Be Dead

How to Be Dead

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She'd been so shocked, she couldn't protest and then she did the unthinkable – she kissed him back. It...