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grey matter [n.h.]

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Description: as someone who could read at the level of a well educated adult at age nine, young genius niall is convinced he simply needs intellect to get by in life. however, after meeting iris, someone with top notch social skills and minimal intelligence (in...

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phantom [h.s.]

phantom [h.s.]

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the tragic love story of a sad girl and a dead boy who must work together to find his killer amid heartb...

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evergreen [h.s.]

evergreen [h.s.]

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the story of how luna and harry are brought together through a forgotten birthday, dirty family secrets...

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hidden [h.s.]

hidden [h.s.]

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rose does not like harry. and harry does not like rose. but perhaps the looming threat of a ruthless mas...

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Oswin- posted a message to seasidestyles
I love you and I hate you at the same time for breaking me on the inside with the perfect story.

I honestly believe that Phantom should be published as a physical book instead of After. If this were a movie God dammít I'd watch it more than TFIOS.

You have truly inspired me and I wish I could write the same thing as you, because honestly Phantom lets me know that it's okay to cry and make your favorite ship not happy in the end (but I think Jane is content knowing Harry is happy and at peace) oh God I'm crying again. I love you to the point that I dislike you for playing me like that ugh. But, I mostly love you. That was a truly beautiful story. I too agree it shouldn't have a sequel, no matter how much I want it. I love you indefinitely I have a song that I think goes with the story (2 actually) but it's Into The West the cover by Peter Hollens. Okay I'm breaking down here so bye.

— S. A. Grace