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It's just good to know whether you're moving into or out of a fog in becoming cloudy, or how much haze between you and the mountain, or the distance to the horizon across an open sea, but of course you know all these things, so it seems quite simple folly to even engage in such discourse. (:
      But shall we talk about the weather whether it's changed since at last we've spoke.

Although, how hard can it be to predict the savannah weather when it's nearly the same each day and still be off?
      Yes, things should be defined to have a specific separation in quality or context.
      Although I can surely appreciate differential and subjective contexts for expanse and flexibility as well as an overlap in specifics. But, even with overlap, there should be some trace in the writing to give a direction, either where you're coming from or where you're going to. Ideally both with an emotional hope webbed into the past, present, and future. (:

But the rest of the ducks in the pond would have you believe a frog to be insensitive to slowly heating the water, eventually being boiled alive. I believe the frog will perceive the changes and will get out of the water when it gets too hot.
      It's like the diamonds and duck, duck, goose. The ducks all sit and accept the tap, but when you call out goose, the chase begins. 
      Taking things hook, line, and sinker? It's all bad. The painful hook, an indigestible line, and a chunk of lead, swallowing such fables in rote acceptance screws up reality by presenting lies as truth.
      Partly cloudy can be used around the clock.
      Partly sunny can be used only during daylight hours.
      The forecasters may tell you they're the same, but a track record in being wrong doesn't exactly place them in the highest esteem of credibility.

I almost feel bad telling you things which are partly cloudy. That ideally should carry over towards being mostly sunny. Unfortunately, the gloom in the clouds carries an overshadowing feel that covers everything but the paper flowers. Your inner gypsy may be able to hold the slight deep smile between the shadow and the sun though, maybe even catching the point where the two meet, holding onto the wave in transition.