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When will you update?
      Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. Beast might get a few in, but otherwise, I probably      won't be updating till this summer. I'm leaving Marauder Moments as is. It's not a continuous chapter story, so I don't feel bad about not updating.

Why do you respond to some comments and not others?
      All of your comments mean a lot to me, but I usually have trouble seeing them all because of how cluttered my news feed is. I eventually read them all, but don't like to respond to a comment that's more than a week old. If you have a question and want an answer, pm me. It may take a while, but I'll eventually answer.

"No one is totally perfect; but no one is totally imperfect either."--unknown

Obviously I like reading/writing :).
My spelling is horrible. I apologize if it offends you.
I love my flute. It's not her fault I mangle her music so much.
Wattpad is my 'I'm bored' site. Nothing I upload will be meticulously edited. There's a high chance that it won't even be good.

But maybe it will be good....Maybe....
Outside of essays I take lots of literary license with my writing, so don't be surprised to see fragments and runons. And sentences started with 'and' and 'but'.
I also have a account (scarletnight72) so if you see my work over there don't freak out. :)

I LOVE getting comments. They make me feel like it was worth writing whatever it was I wrote. More comments usually lead to earlier updates (even if they're not on the particular story you want updated. Comments in general inspire me).

║██║♫   Music is my friend, and I love her dearly. Theatre is also my friend.  
║(O)║ ♫ 

A wonderful day to all!!!


Beast ;)

Beast ;)

48 parts / 188 pages, updated May 27, 2014PG-13Pictures
harry potter fanfiction. Rika was born a werewolf. Her very existence is illegal. After fighting with the ministry, she ends up living with legal werewolf Reumus Lupin, who becomes a... read more
143,489 reads votes 2,714 comments 802
A Pint-sized Point of View

A Pint-sized Point of View

8 parts / 24 pages, updated Jun 25, 2012G
Set in POA. Remus's 5 year old daughter is thrilled when she gets to go live at Hogwarts with her dad, but why is everyone so tense all of the time? Who is this Sirius Black man, and why is her dad warning her to stay away from large, black dogs?
10,707 reads votes 300 comments 114
Marauder Moments

Marauder Moments

12 parts / 11 pages, updated May 23, 2012PG
Moments in the Marauders' lives. “Blimey mate, these nicktoons are the shit!” // "...Peter and Remus got no answer except Sirius’s hysterical laughter and James’s mad muttering about ‘bloody evil rocks.’"
23,091 reads votes 886 comments 296
He Understood

He Understood

1 page, updated Apr 25, 2012G
Short drabble. Harry never understood that his godfather loved him until he held his own godchild Teddy for the first time.
327 reads votes 15 comments 6
Remus's birthday

Remus's birthday

2 pages, updated Jan 03, 2012PG
A birthday party for Remus, Marauders' style. "Sirius and James jumped onto the table before him...wearing matching neon pink, leopard print speedos. Nothing but speedos."
1,374 reads votes 48 comments 40
Moments with Bree Collins

Moments with Bree Collins

4 pages, updated Dec 17, 2011GCompleted
Moments between Remus Lupin and student Bree Collins during and after school. These moments make Remus proud to have been a teacher and thankful that Bree was a part of his life.
480 reads votes 10 comments 8


3 pages, updated Dec 01, 2011Completed
Remus Lupin spends every day of his life in fear that his friends will discover his dark secret. His worst fears come true when he wakes up one night, surrounded by his wand-... read more
1,133 reads votes 44 comments 27


1 page, updated Nov 11, 2011GCompleted
Just some musing I did on the leaves as I sat in class.
109 reads votes 8 comments 4

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You got almost all of them. There's also a Lilo & Stitch reference (family means...) and an Aladdin reference (Genie's song, "you ain't never had...
Beast ;)

"family means nobody gets left behind...." Lilo & Stitch "ain't never had a friend like me" Aladdin, Genie's song "better down where it's...
Beast ;)

Sorry, but this is just a one-shot. I'm so glad you like it, though!

Of course not :). The idea is hardly what I could call 'mine.' A lot of people do funny oneshot series.
Marauder Moments

Thanks for all of the comments you've been leaving me :). Just so you know, though, I'm American, so we leave off the 'u' in a lot of our words. I...
Beast ;)