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I am a girl. I love to read and write. I like to think that I put myself into my stories and I hope you enjoy them. :D
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My Tiny Stories

My Tiny Stories

3 parts / 1 page, updated Aug 25, 2013
Random stories from my messed up mind. Enjoy!
74 reads votes 4 comments 8
Not The Same Anymore

Not The Same Anymore

1 page, updated Feb 23, 2013PGCompleted
Adelphie Montalavo lives in a world of war and hate. Life is not fair and to her the enemy are just the same as her. This is the thing that endangers her life. She is... read more
20 reads votes 1 comments 0

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That's my brain in five words and an emoticon.
My Tiny Stories

My Tiny Stories

@Beffax3 It dies soon
My Tiny Stories

Rawr!!!! This is absolutely pineapples!!!!
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