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"It started with a chair..." fuckyeahJUNO!

I see you're on my Wattpad page. Congratulations for finding such a fabulous person ;) 

Allow me to introduce myself. I am San Francesca from San Francisco. LOL, jokes! I come from England. 
You know what you should do? Check out my story! I dare you to ;P

"It ended with a chair..."


So, you wanna know a bit about me? Too bad. 

Shit I like#
- Harry Potter 
- Photos of people blowing glitter 
- When I recieve a new review to my story *hinthintpleasereview!*
- Art because I'm an artist
- Jason Isaacs/Lucius Malfoy <3
- Dark stories
- Roasted red peppers :3
- Biology. 
- Making book covers for people. 
- Writing my own story 'Ink Stained Letters'. It's strangely theraputic.
- Harry Potter fanfiction 
- Nirvana ♪
- Roller skating. 
- Big Bang Theory and the Inbetweeners. 
- The Royal Family ;) 
- Old houses and artifacts. 
- Soundtracks to films 
- Long bike rides in the country
- Dr Martens
- Antique jewellery


>>> WILL MAKE COVERS! <<< Message me with the title, genre, a short description of the story, plus anything else (like your ideas and preferences). Here's my botophucket, woops, I mean photobucket ;), page featuring all of the covers I've made. Take a look to see what I can do. 

Using a cover I made? PLEASE be thoughtful and either become my fan, dedicate a chapter to me, or at least let your readers know that I made the cover. Thank you (: OKAY, I'M SICK OF MAKING COVERS FOR PEOPLE WHO USE THEM BUT THEN DON'T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I'VE MADE IT! I EVEN MADE ONE WHERE SOMEONE SAID THEY MADE IT THEMSELVES! IF YOU ARE USING A COVER I MADE FOR YOU THEN YOU SHOW ME SOME RESPECT!


Ink Stained Letters

Ink Stained Letters

4 parts / 10 pages, updated Aug 22, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
Inwardly struggling with her existence in a Victorian slum, Mae Golding’s life is about to become even more unfathomable when a dangerous character from her past begin... read more
997 reads votes 68 comments 116

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I'm not sure if you've mentioned it somewhere or not, but it seems that you are using the cover I made you without telling people that I'm the one...
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Hello, I can't help but noticing that you are using a cover I made. I would appreciate it if you could let the readers know that I was the one who...
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@Emmacatdog Thank you for your comment. Actually, it should be 'seems' because it is in the present tense, and it I used 'seemed to be' then it...
Ink Stained Letters

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