Status: i have this idea for a book but my writing sucks so if ne1 wants it let me know. (1 year ago)


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All you need to know about me that i am a carefree girl so no matter what you put in your comments i wont take it personally so plz feel free to comment watever you want! 
I write to take my mind of things so if you dnt like my books plz bear with me. 
I luv reading books a lot..
I am giving writing a shot coz some1 very special to me told me to and in her memory i want to follow her advise so m sorry if i disappoint you!!
If you do like my writing dnt forget to fan or comment. comment even if u dnt like my writing so i can know.


Finally found you....

Finally found you....

1 page, updated Aug 23, 2013
will put a description once i get the story on track. nt gud with descriptions
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Who knew.......

Who knew.......

2 pages, updated Jun 20, 2013R
All through her life she was protected from the "danger of the world" as her mother used to cal it. Never went to any of her friend's sleepover not that she had many fr... read more
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