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I'm about 5 ft 5 in and I have brown eyes and black hair. I love to read and my favorite subject is English. I have an older sister and a dog. I live in America. Im a big potterhead and proud. I love writing as a past time and drawing and love hanging out with friends. My friends say I'm weird but I prefer unique. For some odd reason I have recently became addicted to finding random quotes from many different sources. I love vloggers such as charlieissocoollike, AmazingPhil, danisnotonfire, and pointlessblog, JacksGap, etc. I'm not that deep but I'm pretty good at giving advice and I love to help others. 
Stuff About Me!!!! 
- My Favorite Movies Are....... Now You See Me, Little Miss Sunshine and The Avengers
- Favorite Musical Artist Person Thingy.......One Direction, The Script, Maroon 5, Hunter Hayes, IM5, ect... 
- Favorite Food....... French Fries 
- Favorite Quote...... If people are trying to bring you only means you are above them 
- Favorite Color....... Purple!!!!
- Favorite Vloggers...... danisnotonfire, charlieissocoollike, AmazingPhil, pointlessblog, ItsWayPastMyBedTime, nerimon, Nigahiga, Bananajamana, and a LOT more!!! 
- Favorite Animals...... Llama, panda, koala, penguin, giraffe 
Awesome Quotes... Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can't get a rainbow without a little rain.
-Sometimes when you intensely dislike someone, you just have to take comfort in the fact that they will one daybe dead. —Dan Howell
Oh, and I love Collins Key.....just thought you should know... :)

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