I'm a random fun loving person that's laughter sounds like a dying rabbit.  I'm a 18 a young woman.

I have been writing since the seventh grade and hope to keep writing for the rest of my Life. I'm also a fan of people who can dance, I have too left feet... *sighs* I wish I could, but I can not. All I can do is sing high soprano  and confuse people ever minute with random facts and things. I can't even remember people's names 90% of the time even the ones  I've known for ever! Sad face. But most of the time I remember my current character names??? 

My music is all mixed up, for people that know me they wouldn't expect it Ever it can range from some metal to Dubstep, Old Classic Rock, and some other genres.

My other hobbies are; Chain-mail jewelry, Wire jewelry in general, and other forms of jewelry making, Crochet materials into awesome things like Hackie Sacks and etc., Making chalk art sorta like use of pastels but with chalk. and Recently I have been printing pictures off and coloring them in making them look as epic as possible!

I'm now in College so I really wont have much time for anything though sadly. But I'm constantly editing my stories on the side lines, but when I finish them completely I will delete the old books and post the newly edited ones!
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Im not sure if people really act like this... to put reputation before blood even if its not really your blood you raised the child. So own up to it take care of it as if it came out of your own womb! you have to be loving and supportive no matter the problem of the child.